• what is dark matter

What Is Dark Matter? New Research Sheds New Light on This Unsolved Mystery

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Dark matter is one of the unsolved mysteries in physics and astrophysics. This hidden matter, which is believed to form as much as 85% of the total matter in the universe, was first introduced about 60 years ago by the astronomer Fritz Zwicky. He developed and later proposed his “missing matter" theory to explain why [...]

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The Discovery of Gravitational Waves Is Now a Reality – What’s Next?

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A long-time effort to detect gravitational radiation has finally led to a triumphant conclusion - for the first time after about a century of extensive effort, scientists have finally succeeded to verify and detect it.  The discovery of gravitational waves was carried out with the participation of over a 1000 physicists using Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave [...]

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5 Mind-Blowing Physics Theories about the Universe and Reality

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Since a century ago, new physics theories and ideas have led to many revolutionary results. Quantum mechanics and relativity theory and their profound concepts have not only changed our basic understanding of physics from the domain of elementary particles to that of the whole universe. Their weird interpretation of space, time, the structure of matter, the [...]

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How Many Dimensions Are There? 11-Dimensional World and String Theory

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What if there are more than three dimensions in our universe? String theory suggests there are 11 of them. Let's explore this intriguing theory and its possible applications. Since ancient days, humans have been familiar with the sense of 3-dimensionality of space. This idea was better understood after the theory of classical mechanics by Isaac [...]

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Astronomers May Have Discovered a Giant Alien Structure of Unknown Origin Around a Star

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Brace yourselves! Apparently, there is a giant alien structure orbiting a star in a distant galaxy - over 1,500 light years away. Okay, you got excited at first, and then you noticed how far away this thing is. Regardless, you want to know what it is, don't you? Well, let’s look at the speculations we [...]

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Collision of Binary Black Holes May Unravel the Mysteries of Gravitational Radiation

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One of the most fantastic predictions of Einstein’s general theory of relativity has been the existence of gravitational radiation. Should gravitational waves be real, it means that the empty space as a medium for propagation of gravitational waves can itself oscillate and move. Since its prediction in 1917, a lot of research has been made [...]

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How the Theory of Relativity Manifests in Our Life

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Since Einstein’s introduction of his theory of relativity, this theory has been regarded as one of the most famous scientific theories of mankind. This theory that was formulated and presented to the scientific community as two complementary theories, i.e., special theory of relativity in 1905 and the general theory of relativity in 1917, drastically changed [...]

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The Collision of Two Supermassive Black Holes Could Shake the Universe

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Maybe not today, maybe not a year from now and not even 50 years from now, but eventually the Earth may witness a catastrophic event. It may even be the dreaded apocalypse for some in the vast universe. So, sit back, take a breath and enjoy your home planet. Life will not end, at least [...]