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This Is What Will Happen If You Touch a Black Hole

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Black holes make for a perplexing subject matter, don’t you think! Questioning reality and the physical form take us further into these enigmas, shedding light on new ideas. The magic of black holes So, what’s the big deal anyway? What is so interesting about this subject? Black holes are interesting due to the power of [...]

Dark Matter Map Reveals What Holds the Universe Together

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We have known, for a long time that there was more to the universe than stars. In fact, the ability to remain on the earth, without falling off, while it spins, is testimony that something else has a drastic effect on…well, everything. When we look deeper into this phenomenon, we find dark matter. What and [...]

CERN Scientists Will Try to Prove the Antigravity Theory

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Having confirmed in practice the existence of the Higgs boson, experts at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) proceeded to check the theory of the existence of antigravity. This was reported by the British media. According to the theory, antimatter generates its own gravitational field, which, in contrast to the known gravitational forces of [...]