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Extra Dimensions Could Be Detected by the Large Hadron Collider

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If you thought the discovery of the Higgs Boson was monumental, then brace yourself. The large Hadron Collider (LHC) may have stumbled upon something much bigger than that. According to a paper in the Physics Letter B, the large Hadron Collider could detect mini black holes. If this is true, it could mean more than [...]

Stephen Hawking Is Working on a New Theory of Everything, Based on Gravitational Waves

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Stephen Hawking has proven in the recent past that all things in space and time can be explained. Facts about our existence and how nothing became something great – he has channeled these answers from the cosmos. He has provided explanations causing scientists to re-evaluate their thinking. One of the latest discoveries in cosmology, the [...]

What Kept the Universe Stable After the Big Bang?

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We understand that the Big Bang created the universe, but how did existence remain stable after the Big Bang? This question creates other questions about why particles didn’t disintegrate after this monumental explosion. What held existence all together? What force kept dust in certain areas, forming planets and suns in vast numbers? There are a [...]

Understanding the Basics of Particle Physics

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The laws of physics have to do with the forces and correlations between the tangible objects of our surroundings, which in physics are described as matter, and the energy emissions between these objects, that are in general described as radiation. In order to do that, we must reduce the study to the smallest possible constituents [...]

Stephen Hawking: Higgs Boson Could Destroy the Universe

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It seems that Dr. Hawking has a lot to say about the scientific discovery of Higgs Boson. His statement that this discovery made physics more boring, has been followed by a rather ominous statement that this discovery in the wrong hands could prove fatal and destroy the universe. Hawking explains his statement in his new [...]

Stephen Hawking: The Discovery of Higgs Boson Made Physics Less Interesting

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Ok! When Stephen Hawking makes a statement, people usually listen carefully. At times, he has made some very curious statements, but who can deny the fact that he is arguably the biggest theoretical physics mind of the time. When the discoverer of the Hawking Radiation, the creator of the gravitational singularity theorems and the one [...]

When Science Becomes Art: Physicists Turn Higgs Boson Data into Music

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So the Higgs Boson is a particle that gives away all the secrets to how other particles get their mass, correct? Well, is it possible that the Higgs Boson has a voice to match those secrets being told? Well, of course it does, and we have found the lovely voice of the Higgs Boson, what’s [...]

The Deadly Higgs Field Could Destroy the Entire Universe: Should We Be Worried?

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There have been rumors and rumors of rumors that say that the universe will be destroyed at any given moment. Warning signs are new each and every day, proclaiming that the conditions are just right for a cataclysmic happening. Is this true? Stephen Hawking wrote, in the preface of his new book, that there may be [...]