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Mystery of Hypnosis: Imagination and Reality

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Egyptian priests and Indian Brahmins, Mongolian shamans and Zoroastrian magicians used to hypnotize the crowd with twinkling lights, sounds and rhythmically swinging shiny objects. Obeying the orders of hypnotists, impressionable men and especially women fell into a trance, demonstrating dexterity, walking barefoot on hot coals and having visions believed to be of divine nature. People [...]

Hypnosis: physiological evidence

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Group of researchers from Finland and Sweden found the first physiological evidence of hypnotic trance, having studied in detail an aspect which previously had been ignored by scientists. Despite the long history of the study of hypnosis, scientists still have no consensus on the essence of this phenomenon. Some believe hypnosis is a particular altered [...]

5 simple tips on how to convince your interlocutor

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The need to convince one’s interlocutors appears in every sphere of life: in home conflicts and family disputes, as well as in business negotiations. The ancient art of persuasion now is more popular by the terms NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), which is a general approach to communication and self-improvement, and covert hypnosis (conversational hypnosis), which is [...]

Can we really trust our memory?

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It is believed that our memory works in such a way that any of the stored information may be accessed and “extracted” at the right time. So, if we have forgotten something, a hypnosis session or a stressful situation can recall these memories. In fact, memory recalls more imagined than real details of events. The [...]

Invisible power of the subconscious

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There is an invisible force that rules the human will. This force is easily controlled and this is dangerous because it may be controlled not only by the man who owns it but by everyone else. It is commonly believed that the human is a being with free will. But is it really like that? Experiments [...]