Haunting Pictures of Jupiter, Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

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NASA’s Juno Probe just sent back the most breathtaking pictures of Jupiter! We’ve waited 5 years for this moment! The beauty of the cosmos is drifting down from heaven with each mesmerizing image of the universe's celestial bodies. I am in awe, as much as the entire world is at this moment. When viewing close-ups [...]

Here’s What the Sun Would Look Like from All the Planets of Our Solar System

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Have you ever imagined what the Sun would look like from all the planets of our solar system? This phenomenon is explored in these wonderful illustrations created by Ron Miller. Space is a mystery that has been confusing to humans since the dawn of time. After centuries of observation and research, we still do not [...]

  • Finding Alien Life in our Solar System

These Are the Best Candidates for Finding Alien Life in Our Solar System [Infographic]

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It may not be giant green monsters or the little gray men we see in the world of science fiction, but scientists are coming close to finding alien life, says NASA. Scientists will find indications of life within the decade and definitive evidence within twenty to thirty years, says Ellen Stofan, NASA Cheif Scientist during [...]

  • Ocean on Jupiter’s moon aurora

Astronomers Discover a Giant Underground Ocean on Jupiter’s Moon

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Hubble space telescope has presented the strongest evidence yet that there is indeed an ocean underneath the surface of Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon. Researchers believe this ocean may contain more saltwater in it than all the water of the oceans on the Earth’s surface. Ganymede is the largest moon in our solar system and the only [...]

  • interplanetary map

This Is What The Solar System Looks Like As A Subway Map

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All road trips need directions unless, of course, you are setting out on an adventure. An adventure into space sounds lovely, doesn’t it, but let’s face it, who wants to get lost out there, huh? We need a map, don’t we! Yes, even space needs a map, especially space travel, and Ulysse Carrion has created [...]

  • jupiter out of body experience

Man Traveled to Space and Saw Incredible Things Through an Out of Body Experience

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Ever wanted to travel outside your own body to view a remote location? Well, many of us have wanted to do this very thing, lying prone on the bed reaching for the heightened state of euphoria. The thing is, someone has already done this! There is a man who has crossed space to view a [...]