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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? 6 Possible Explanations

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Why do bad things happen to good people? Have you ever asked yourself this question? I remember struggling with this question for many years. I may now be able to shed some light on the subject. As I pondered this question during my lifetime, I would always fall short of a sensible answer. Was it [...]

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6 Ways to Create Good Karma and Attract Happiness into Your Life

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If you want to build good karma and attract positive vibes into your life, there are some simple things you can do. Karma weighs all the facts, being known as the cause-effect force. In life, every action we take has a consequence, positive or negative. Karma is a fundamental concept in religions such as Hinduism, [...]

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7 Law of Attraction Quotes to Help You Make Your Wishes Come True

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The law of attraction is not a new thing. As you will see from the following quotes, people have understood the power of the law of attraction for centuries. Tapping into it can make all your wishes come true. The law of attraction is the understanding that we can attract into our lives whatever we [...]

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7 Eye-Opening Laws That Explain How the Universe Works

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Neither science nor religion have all the answers about the way the universe works. But there are seven metaphysical laws that can guide us. If you are interested to learn how the universe works on a spiritual level, explore the below seven laws: 1. The Law of Divine Oneness The first law that shows how [...]

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How to Use the Law of Attraction to Reach Your Goals and Fulfill Your Desires

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Many of us want to know how the law of attraction works and how to use it to make our lives better. Well, it's all about being in partnership with the universe. The law of attraction is powerful. However, it is often misunderstood and misused. If we use the law of attraction as a shopping [...]

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How to Ask the Universe for What You Want to Make Your Wishes Come True

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If you are struggling with manifesting what you want, use these tips to ask the universe to fulfill your deepest desires. Manifesting what we want is simple but not easy. All we have to do is ask for what we want, however, there is a catch. The energy we put into asking affects what we [...]

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6 Negative Words and Phrases That Attract Unhappiness and Failure

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All of us have the habit of using negative words. But you may not know that they program your subconscious mind for failure and attract unhappiness. Using negative words is a reflex action and a way to cope with frustration. We deal with everyday hassles by expressing our stress. But doing so all the time [...]

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The Twelve Laws of Karma That Will Change Your Life Forever

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Did you know that the laws of karma influence your life in many ways? The idea of karma says that every action causes a reaction. However, because of the complicated nature of the universe, it is impossible to predict what that reaction might be. It is like the Butterfly Effect, the scientific theory that when [...]