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5 Shocking Ways Chronic Loneliness Affects You Physically, According to Science

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Did you know that chronic loneliness can take a physical toll on your body? Well, I am here to tell you it can. Chronic loneliness can be just as much a threat to your health as cigarettes, excess alcohol and obesity. Loneliness is an emotion felt when someone feels alone or is separated from the people [...]

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Feeling Lonely? 10 Things You Can Do to End Your Loneliness

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All of us are feeling lonely from time to time; but in some cases, some people might not bear the pain anymore. The state which is produced by the intense loneliness should never be tolerated. Loneliness is a daunting feeling. When loneliness persists in your life, you're clearly feeling sorrow, pain, and disappointment on a [...]

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11 Artworks That Define Depression Better Than Words Ever Could

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To define depression it takes more than simple words. Artists’ images tell stories of despair, loneliness, and horror, painting a picture of the hard truth. It is with me every day, and you know what, I think it will be with me forever. This is how I attempt to define depression. It’s not a comforting [...]

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6 Early Signs of Depression Most People Ignore

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There are some early signs of depression we all should have in mind. Depression is easy to recognize, right? Wrong. Despite your past experiences with depression or what you’ve read, it’s not always easy to spot those who suffer from this illness. In fact, the early signs of depression are surprising. The first thing you [...]

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Why the Younger Generation Is Lonelier Than the Older Generation

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We all feel lonely from time to time, however, persistent loneliness appears to be on the increase. This is especially true of the younger generation. There are several factors that may be causing this increase among the younger generation, including changes in the way we live and the increased use of social technology. However, happily, [...]

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The Time You Spend in the Shower Can Determine How Lonely You Are

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Do you spend a lot of time in the shower? Here's what it could reveal about your loneliness. Whether you’re the type to take a five-minute shower in the morning or a luxurious hour-long soak in the tub in the evening, it can say a lot about how lonely you are. Loneliness can look different [...]

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How Consumerism and Materialism of Modern Society Make Us Unhappy, Lonely and Unconfident

By |2018-12-13T13:41:15+02:00August 11th, 2016|Categories: Food for thought, Psychology & Mental Health, Uncommon Science|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Research has associated consumerism and materialism with low self-esteem and the feelings of loneliness and unhappiness. A series of studies published in the journal, Motivation and Emotion showed that as people become more materialistic, their sense of wellbeing and purpose is reduced and if they become less materialistic, it rises. While materialism is good for [...]

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Why Is Loneliness More Common Than Ever in Today’s Over-Connected World?

By |2018-12-14T14:22:51+02:00July 20th, 2016|Categories: Food for thought, Psychology & Mental Health, Uncommon Science|Tags: , , , |

Studies show that humanity is experiencing a real epidemic of loneliness even though in this day and age, we are more connected than ever. Gone are the days when you had to wait weeks and months for a letter from your loved one – now a second or two is all it takes. It has [...]