Top Most Unbelievable Science and Technology Predictions for 2030

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Robots with high IQ, human brain back up, skyscraper gardens, life expectancy of 150 years are some of what we will be experiencing in 2030 according to the “prophets” of technology and science. Scientists and researchers who have included the title “futurist” in their curriculum occasionally make predictions about the achievements of mankind in the [...]

Sleep Disorders: Is It Possible to Die from Lack of Sleep?

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Oddly enough, neither the reasons nor the evolutionary origins of sleep are known to science. From the standpoint of nature, sleep is hardly something worthwhile. If a person or animal is sleeping, his mind is ‘turned off’ for several hours. Needless to say, that in this state the chance of being eaten by predators grows [...]

In the Future Humans Will Live to 500 Years Old?

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Perhaps one day this will be possible, according to the latest scientific findings. U.S. researchers succeeded to increase the lifetime of worms by five times with the help of combined genetic intervention. The discovery is certainly far from its application to humans but in the first phase, as scientists claim, it can be used at [...]

Technology Could Make Us Immortal, Says Hawking

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Some kind of eternal life can be possible with the help of technology, according to the physicist Stephen Hawking. The 71 years old eminent scientist, speaking at the premiere of a film about his life, said that if the brain can function outside of the human body, then the eternal life is possible. “The brain [...]

In the 21st century Humanity Will Move 20,000 Years Forward

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At the International Congress in Moscow, Russia “Global Future 2045”, renowned scientist and futurist Ray Kurzweil spoke about the future of mankind. With the number of his inventions, Ray Kurzweil can be compared to the famous American physicist Thomas Edison. He has been awarded with praises such as “thinking machine” and “fountain of genius.” He [...]

Longevity Depends Much on the Personality, Say Scientists

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Do you want to live a long, happy life? Not a problem! Scientists have found that longevity depends on personality and mindset of the person. You can now safely say that happiness is not a result of living longer, but living longer is a direct result of a joyful existence. So a happy life automatically [...]

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Davos 2013: Extraterrestrial Civilizations, Human Superpowers and Immortality

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Besides the traditional economic issues, such topics as the application of genetic engineering technology, artificial prolongation of human life and existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life were discussed this year at the World Economic Forum in Davos. In the opinion of scientists, in the near future medical science will acquire means to give people superpowers. As [...]

Cryonics: technology that promises immortality

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Greek-Australian scientist founded the first cryonics clinic in Australia. Until recently we thought that it is possible only in science fiction movies, but now it is a reality. The method of cryonics promises immortality and victory over death. At least in theory. […]