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Occasional Use of Cannabis Affects Brain Regions Responsible for Emotions and Motivation

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Young adults who smoke marijuana (cannabis) from time to time may experience significant changes in two key areas of the brain, which play an important role in emotions and motivations. This is what is stated by a new U.S. scientific research, which, at the same time, does not lead to any definitive conclusion as to [...]

Marijuana smokers don’t see dreams

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Many people who smoke marijuana say that after smoking they do not see dreams at all. However, if the same people give up smoking, then they note that they see bright and intense dreams. We see the most vivid dreams during the REM sleep stage, so that raises the question whether marijuana affects the stage [...]

Marijuana’s effect on memory functions

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Scientists have discovered that marijuana leads to decay of short-term memory. The drug affects user’s working memory, i.e. the ability to preserve and use information for short periods of time. A research of two neuroscientists, Giovanni Marsicano from the University of Bordeaux in France and Xia Zhang from the University of Ottawa in Canada, showed [...]