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How Doodling Can Help You Maintain Focus and Strengthen Creativity

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For as long as I can remember, I've had a bad habit of drawing during classes and meetings. All the way back into elementary school, I'd draw pictures instead of taking notes and had many teachers and bosses lecture me on how it appears disrespectful. Sure, that makes sense, it seems like I'm more interested [...]

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How to Improve Your Memory Power with Brain-Boosting Activities

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The human brain is probably among the most complicated structures in nature. It weighs at around 1.5kg and consists of more than 100 billion neurons that pass along signals to each other. The brain is what controls the cognitive functioning of our thinking, speaking, imagining, planning, physical movements and reasoning. To enhance your thinking, analyzing [...]

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Bionic Brain? Scientists Develop Memory Cells That Mimic Human Brain Processes

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True artificial intelligence is on the horizon, it seems. Human brain cells, memory cells to be exact, are being tweaked and improved to create an intelligence like never seen before. Scientists are almost there on the road to the real ‘bionic brain’. The key to artificial intelligence is the electronic long-term memory cell. This cell [...]

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Curiosity Changes Brain Functions and Enhances Learning

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Have you ever wondered what happens when we get curious about something? Well, we obviously try to learn things concerning the thing that interests us, and we search for information. But have you noticed that when you find that information, absorbing and retaining it actually becomes easier than normal? One might say that it is [...]

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5 Amazing Facts about the Psychology of Learning and Memory

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Psychological research has long been fascinated with how humans learn and retain memories. As a result of this fascination, research has revealed some amazing facts about learning and memory. Recalling Memories Changes Them This is bad news for the expert eyewitnesses. Research by Neuroscientist Daniela Schiller, has shown that the simple act of recalling a [...]

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10 Life Hacks to Maximize Your Brain Power

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Do humans really fail to use their brain's maximum potential? Movies like Limitless and Lucy try to show how humans don't use 100% of their brain capacity, and these movies obsess on showing what happens when humans do reach their full potential. They make it seem like we become superhumans if we do end up [...]

FAB: a Psychological Trick That Affects Our Memories

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It is said that the experience and lessons we learn are useful for our future course, but psychologists argue that this applies only if you remember the right things! New study published in the journal Memory suggests that it is more likely to remember pleasant events of the past and we memorize most negative experiences [...]

10 Most Interesting Theories That Explain Why People Dream

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There is a branch of science called oneirology which studies dreams. This discipline combines features of neuroscience, psychology, and even literature, but does not provide the answer to an important question: why do people have dreams? There is no clear answer to this puzzle yet, but there are some interesting hypotheses, some of which are [...]