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There Could Be Half as Much Dark Matter in the Milky Way as Previously Thought

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Dark matter has never been easy to understand, neither has it been a piece of cake to measure. According to recently attained measurements, however, it seems that there is only half the amount of dark matter in the Milky Way than what we previously thought. If you have no idea what dark matter is, don’t [...]

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Unique Organic Molecule Found in Space Shows Signs of Life

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It seems that interstellar space has much more to offer than just a source of a great quantity of our water supply. It appears that, out there, past our solar system, there is new life being formed and molded. At least, there are basic building blocks of life in its earliest stages. Wicked Brew Carbon-based [...]

Gamma-Rays in the Center of Our Galaxy May Have Exposed Dark Matter

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New data from the NASA’s Fermi Space Telescope show that the center of our galaxy produces far greater amounts of high gamma ray energy, the origin of which can probably be explained by recourse to the mysterious dark matter. A team of scientists led by astrophysicist Dan Hooper of the U.S. Fermi National Laboratory (Fermilab) [...]

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Top 5 Scientific Discoveries of 2013 According to National Geographic

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Science in 2013 played a more important role than ever. At the same time, many intriguing discoveries were made. Here is a list of five major scientific discoveries according to the magazine National Geographic. 1. Space has become more ‘crowded’ In 2013 researchers from California Institute of Technology suggested that there are no less than [...]

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5 Theories about What the Aliens Might Look Like

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What kind of creatures might live on other planets? Are they similar to human life or do they have quite different unexpected forms? Learning more and more about our universe, scientists begin to speculate about what the aliens from outer space might look like. Here are some of the theories put forward by researchers about [...]

Frightening and Mind-Blowing Objects of Outer Space

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Outer space is full of mysterious and scary phenomena, from stars that suck the life out of their own kind to giant black holes which are billions times larger and more massive than our Sun. Below are the most frightening things that exist in outer space. The ghost planet Many astronomers say that the giant [...]

10 Unbelievable Disasters of the Future

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Earth is constantly changing. The future of our planet is going to be more than interesting, but also full of chaos. The following list shows the top ten events that are likely to happen to the Earth in the distant future. 1. New ocean (10 million years) The Afar depression is one of the hottest [...]