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Quality Fiction Helps Us Learn to Read Other People’s Minds!

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A good way to learn to "read" the minds of others is to... take in literature. According to a new American scientific research, published in the "New York Times", reading good literature books helps people develop valuable cognitive and emotional capabilities, which facilitate the development of interpersonal relationships and thus help communities work better. Researchers [...]

New Mind-reading Device Lets You Type with Your Mind

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Researchers at the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience of the Maastricht University (Netherlands) developed a revolutionary new technology that allows any user to type words and whole phrases (letter by letter) in real time just by thinking of them. The system makes use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in order to analyze the hemodynamic [...]

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Scientists Read Dreams Using Brain Scans!

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Using imaging tools and computer analysis, Japanese scientists could determine the images appearing in the dreams of a group of test subjects with 60% accuracy. So says an article published in the Indian Journal of Science Express. A group of researchers at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology attempted to find a connection between [...]

Electronic Telepathy and Telekinesis Could Become Reality Thanks to Temporary Tattoos

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Scientists say that we may soon be able to control flying drones with our minds, and communicate almost telepathically via smart phones, thanks to temporary electronic tattoos. Todd Coleman, associate professor of bioengineering at the University of California, is developing non-invasive means to control electronics with the mind – a technique that can be used [...]

Direct Communication Between Two Minds Proven to Be Possible

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In an experiment that seems to come out of science fiction, American neuroscientists connected with cables the brains of two rats, allowing them to perceive and accept the stimuli of each other, even at a distance of thousands of kilometers. Tricking the brain “Can we trick the brain? Can it process signals from another body?” [...]

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Synthetic Telepathy to Become a Reality?

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How many times we wished to be able to contact someone without words… New company for scientific and military research plans to make the dream come true by giving us a possibility to send a text or audio message by thought. The technology of so-called synthetic telepathy is based on analyzing the electrical activity of [...]

Mind-reading device allows to directly “connect” to the human mind

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Neuroscientists invented a method that allows to convert brain waves into words. In fact, our thoughts are located in a region of the brain called superior temporal gyrus, which is a part of the auditory system. It makes it possible for us to elicit sense from the sounds we hear, distinguish words and understand their [...]

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Animal Telepathy: Do Animals Have Telepathic Abilities?

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Is animal telepathy real? For many years, dog trainers and pet owners have been speaking of various cases of inexplicable insight in animals, looking like they might have telepathic abilities. Unfortunately, this topic has not been studied enough and tends to be considered pseudoscientific, while researchers and parapsychologists are more focused on humans. According to [...]