• Megalithic Structures

Are Megalithic Structures Alive Or Just Barren Rock?

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Do megalithic structures all over the Earth have any power, or are they just rocks? The fear of the unknown has plagued humanity since its humble beginnings. We feared phenomena we couldn't understand and created gods and religions in order to explain them. Religion offered much-needed consolation to human beings that lived in fear and [...]

  • deep space objects binary stars

5 Weirdest Deep Space Objects You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

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The deep space is filled with cosmic wonders, many of which can't be explained. The following deep space wonders defy common logic and inspire scientists as they peer into the fathomless universe. 1. Bizarre Mass of Objects Orbiting Star A strange pattern of light found orbiting star KIC 8462852 Discovered in 2009 by the Kepler [...]

  • intelligent alien life method

We’re Now One Step Closer to the Discovery of Intelligent Alien Life Thanks to a New Method

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Over the past decade, there has been a tremendous amount of effort to find intelligent alien life on exoplanets, i.e., other planets out of our solar system. The 2009 launching of NASA’s Kepler telescope boosted the hunting of the new planets. Primarily designed to be used for the finding of exoplanets, Kepler is also used [...]

  • space music apollo 10

This Is the Mysterious Space Music Apollo Astronauts Heard on Far Side of the Moon

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So, you’re in a spacecraft far above the earth and you hear a strange noise, what do you do? Well, one thing’s for sure, you let your imagination run wild and start hearing things. Well, to be fair, hearing strange noises in the vast blackness of space can be quite disconcerting, and it could be [...]

  • asteroid 2013 TX68

Potentially Hazardous 100-Foot Asteroid 2013 TX68 Will Pass Close to Earth Next Month

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The asteroid 2013 TX68 is reported to be passing by the Earth on March 5, 2016. While NASA researchers are still trying to find out its exact trajectory, it is estimated that the asteroid may get as close to Earth as 11000 miles, i.e., closer than some communication satellites orbiting Earth. The asteroid 2013 TX68 [...]

  • lost ancient cities

5 Lost Ancient Cities Uncovered from the Past

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Archeologists continue to peel back the layers of time, revealing things that were once lost. As such, lost ancient cities have been swallowed by water, sand or vegetation. If you’ve ever heard of the city of Atlantis, lost forever and swallowed by the sea, then you’re not alone. Most everyone has heard tales of this [...]

  • floating city

Mysterious Floating City Appears in the Sky in China: What Could It Be?

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If you are a fan of the strange and unusual, then I’m sure you’ve seen and heard it all, right? Well, there’s possibly one story you might not have heard about. Recently, locals in the city of Jiangxi in China have seen a bizarre phenomenon that could rival anything you have seen yet. There appears [...]

  • galaxy with two black holes

Astronomers Discover a Galaxy Powered by Two Black Holes

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Black holes are regarded as the most extreme case of gravity. They are objects so compact with extremely high gravity that even light cannot escape. Their properties were first studied by the famous American physicists Robert Oppenheimer and Hartland Snyder in 1939 who theoretically proved that whenever a star of sufficient mass stop burning, it [...]