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Quantum Physicists Prove That the Soul Exists!

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Two world-renowned scientists of quantum physics claim to be able to prove the existence of the soul. The scientists propose an incredible theory that states that near-death experiences happen when quantum substances that constitute the soul leave the nervous system and are introduced into the universe in general. This concept is based on the perception [...]

Do Near-Death Experiences Prove That Consciousness Exists Outside the Brain?

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Resuscitation specialist Sam Parnia continues to darken already murky waters of thanatology, by offering his colleagues to carefully examine stories of people returned from the dead. In his view, which will be fully supported by any competent philosopher, these stories shed light on the nature of human consciousness. “Consciousness does not disappear at death. There is [...]

Can the Human Soul Be Weighed?

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The book “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown contains a chapter on some amazing experiments. According to the author, our soul is a material substance which can exist outside the body and can have weight. Therefore, it can be weighed. One of the characters in the book, Katherine Solomon, was able to weigh human soul. [...]

What Really Are Near-Death Experiences?

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The answer to this question seems to be given by scientists of the Medical Research Council of Cambridge and the department of psychology at the University of Edinburgh. In their opinion, those who claim to have visited the afterlife have experienced no more than a disturbance to the normal functioning of the brain. The study [...]

Is our reality just a hologram?

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Michael Talbot is an Australian writer, whose books originally were only science fiction, combining quantum physics and spirituality. However, it appears that many scientists today share his theory and do not consider it science fiction. This new theory of reality says that the physical universe is nothing more than a hologram, ie an illusion, a [...]

What Happens When We Die? 4 Possible Answers

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What happens when we die? Despite the enormous strides in science in the last decades, it still cannot give definitive explanations. After death, is there something more than the blackness of nothing? Most people believe so. Unfortunately, we don't know for sure what happens when we die. The stories and the theories Studies on near-death experiences report fleeting, [...]

Soul and afterlife do exist, say scientists

By |2017-01-13T21:55:06+03:00November 16th, 2012|Categories: Human Brain, Paranormal, Uncommon Science, Unexplained Mysteries|Tags: , , , , |

The age-old question of humanity: is there life after death seems to be answered. And the answer is yes. Scientists seem to have found the proof to the theory that every human has a soul, which remains alive even after the heart stops. One of the authors of the study anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff disclosed details [...]

Astral projection: 12 most frequently asked questions

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What is astral projection: some kind of rare magic skill or something that anyone can learn? Is it an illusion of the mind or a real experience? What are its risks and benefits? Astral projection is a phenomenon that concerns many people interested in unexplored human powers and psychic abilities. In the last few years, [...]