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5 Really Scary Optical Illusion Paintings That Will Astonish You!

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Normally I don’t post the articles like this, but these pictures really astonished me so I decided to share them with the readers of my blog who love optical illusions and are fond of the paranormal. A private collector from Spain has a unique collection of old paintings with stereo effect, which makes the image [...]

How Our Vision Limits Our Perception of the World

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  Everyone has limits, for example, how fast he can run or how long he can stay without water. But what about the limitations of our five senses, which in essence are the tools we use to perceive our environment? Approximately one quarter of the brain is involved in visual functions, so the sight is [...]

Psychological Concentration Test: Optical Illusion

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Here is an optical illusion of motion and color perception, which can reveal if you have normal psychological concentration. This psychological picture test shows the amazing ability of the human brain, and perhaps, after a successful outcome of the test, it will make you wonder if we perceive the world correctly or maybe our brain [...]

Near-Death Experiences Could Be Explained by Physiological Factors

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Could physiological factors be responsible for the sensation of NDE? Maybe near-death experiences aren't that close to death after all. If you've ever experienced NDE, then you've felt a strange set of symptoms. Feelings of euphoria, paired with the loss of physical sensation will leave you with an unforgettable experience. You will tell others about your [...]