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Myths and Truths about Brain Hemispheres and Their Functions

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Over the last decade great attention to the functioning of the cerebral hemispheres and its effects on the process of learning was paid. This interest has to do with the fact that traditional teaching models are based on the functioning of the left hemisphere i.e. the development of language and logic, without taking into account [...]

10 Most Interesting Theories That Explain Why People Dream

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There is a branch of science called oneirology which studies dreams. This discipline combines features of neuroscience, psychology, and even literature, but does not provide the answer to an important question: why do people have dreams? There is no clear answer to this puzzle yet, but there are some interesting hypotheses, some of which are [...]

How to Easily Memorize Anything with Cicero Method

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The essence of the method is that the information should be memorized by units, mentally set in a familiar room in a particular order. Then it is enough to remember this room in order to recall the necessary information. That is exactly what Cicero did in preparation for his performances: he was walking around his [...]

How the Way We Learn Affects Our Daily Lives

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There are many different learning styles, and every human takes in and processes information differently. But, one thing we may not think about is the fact that our unique learning styles shape everything to do as we go about our daily lives. From making decisions, to remembering information, to taking breaks from work, the way [...]