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Are Out-of-Body Experiences Real, According to Science?

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While scientists study the "mystical" out of body experiences and propose their theories, let’s try to explain what they are and where they come from, as well as how one can experience astral travel. An "out of body experience" may be provoked by many different reasons, quite unpleasant ones: brain injury, sensory deprivation (lack of [...]

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3 Types of Déjà Vu You Have Never Heard About

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Everyone knows what deja vu is, but not everyone has heard about deja vecu, deja senti or deja visite. First of all, what is called “deja vu” is not in reality deja vu, but only a type of it. According to psychologist Arthur Funkhouser, there are three types of deja vu experiences: deja vecu, deja [...]

Astral Body and Out Of Body Experiences: mysteries and revealations

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Has it ever happened to you to be in deep relaxation, then sleep and wake suddenly, felt like if you slipped out of your body for a while? If you have ever experienced this, then you are in the enviable percentage of those who has had an out of body experience. Although it is also [...]

Easy Ways To Increase Your Success In Astral Travel

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Whether Astral Travel is accepted by science and society or not, many people have attested to experiencing this out-of-body experience. It allows the soul to travel anywhere in both earthly and heavenly realms. We can be in places that we desire or in completely higher planes and fields. To those who have experienced it, they [...]

Astral projection: 12 most frequently asked questions

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What is astral projection: some kind of rare magic skill or something that anyone can learn? Is it an illusion of the mind or a real experience? What are its risks and benefits? Astral projection is a phenomenon that concerns many people interested in unexplored human powers and psychic abilities. In the last few years, [...]

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Near-Death Experiences Could Be Explained by Physiological Factors

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Could physiological factors be responsible for the sensation of NDE? Maybe near-death experiences aren't that close to death after all. If you've ever experienced NDE, then you've felt a strange set of symptoms. Feelings of euphoria, paired with the loss of physical sensation will leave you with an unforgettable experience. You will tell others about your [...]

4 most well-known and mysterious metaphysical phenomena

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Sometimes metaphysics is described as “physics of tomorrow”. Many of the phenomena studied by metaphysics resemble a fantasy movie script, but maybe in the future they will become everyday and ordinary. In an interview published on the otherside.gr, Nicholas Koumartzis, member of the Greek Community of Metaphysical Journalism and PhD candidate at the Aristotle University [...]

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Astral Projection: Myth or Reality? Here Is What Experts Say

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What is astral projection? A creature of the imagination, a game of the brain, or an alternative approach to reality? This question concerns not only those who practice astral projection (intentionally or unintentionally) but all those trying to understand what happens to the consciousness and mind. Probably the most suitable organization to answer this question [...]