• the nature of human consciousness

The Nature of Human Consciousness: Are We Quantum Beings?

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The nature of human consciousness is one of the most challenging yet less understood problems in cognitive science. As Ken Palmer, the psychology professor, and director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Program at Northwestern once remarked: The debate about the neural basis of consciousness rages because there is no widely accepted theory about what happens in [...]

  • formation and evolution of the universe

Calendar of the Formation and Evolution of the Universe

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One of the greatest challenges of the modern astrophysics is an explanation about the origin (or formation) and evolution of the universe. This issue has been a heated source of discussions during the past centuries and even before since man began to learn about the universe. Following Einstein’s general theory of relativity in 1917 about [...]

  • periodic table of elements music

Scientist is Turning Each Element of the Periodic Table Into Music

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Scientists have now found and interesting way to understand the periodic table of elements. With the advancement of technology, scientists have now found a way to assign a musical signature to each of the elements in the periodic table. Spearheading this research is mechanical engineer Asegun Henry who works as an assistant professor at Georgia [...]

  • antimatter

Did You Know That This Fruit Can Generate Antimatter?

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With so many Sci-Fi featuring antimatter, the term is no longer an incog, but only a few people know that the complex material actually does exist. Moreover, few laboratories have even produced almost 17 nanograms of antimatter synthetically on earth. Well, in response to the question asked in the title, the fruit is banana. Potassium-40, [...]

  • magnetic monopoles

Magnetic Monopoles: New Evidence of the Mysterious Particles Predicted 80 Years Ago

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Since the great Scottish scientist George Clerk Maxwell’s formulation of his electromagnetic theory in 1865, which formed one of the pillars of modern physics, researchers have made a long way towards a better understanding of electromagnetic fields. His work led to the unification of electric and magnetic field that was analogous to Newton’s classical mechanics. The [...]

  • particle physics

Understanding the Basics of Particle Physics

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The laws of physics have to do with the forces and correlations between the tangible objects of our surroundings, which in physics are described as matter, and the energy emissions between these objects, which are in general described as radiation. In order to do that, we must reduce the study to the smallest possible constituents [...]

  • god particle stephen hawking

Stephen Hawking: The Discovery of Higgs Boson Made Physics Less Interesting

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Ok! When Stephen Hawking makes a statement, people usually listen carefully. At times, he has made some very curious statements, but who can deny the fact that he is arguably the biggest theoretical physics mind of the time. When the discoverer of the Hawking Radiation, the creator of the gravitational singularity theorems and the one [...]

  • higgs boson music

When Science Becomes Art: Physicists Turn Higgs Boson Data into Music

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So the Higgs Boson is a particle that gives away all the secrets to how other particles get their mass, correct? Well, is it possible that the Higgs Boson has a voice to match those secrets being told? Well, of course, it does, and we have found the lovely voice of the Higgs Boson, what’s [...]