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Matter and Consciousness: How Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

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Dr. Joe Dispenza claims that every time we learn something new, hundreds of thousands of our neurons change, which affects the state of our physical body. Dr. Dispenza is known worldwide for his original theory of the connection between mind and matter. The scientist gained his greatest fame after the release of his acclaimed documentary [...]

13 Phenomena That Science Has No Explanation For

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1. The Placebo Effect Isotonic saline solution is no less potent than morphine anaesthetic, if it is injected after repeated use of the drug into a patient without telling about the substitution. But after adding naloxone, which blocks the effect of morphine, to the saline solution, the anaesthetic effect disappears. Science does not know why [...]

Placebo and Nocebo Effects: How Your Thoughts Influence Your Health

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We have all heard of the miraculous placebo effect: you take a simple aspirin strongly believing that it will reduce your cholesterol and it does! While the positive effects of placebo pills or treatments are widely known, very little is told about nocebo. The nocebo effect is the negative reaction experienced by a patient who [...]

Placebo Effect vs. Nocebo Effect: the Power of Suggestion

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It's incredible how an individual’s subconscious can be influenced. But what's more powerful is how the nocebo effect and the placebo effect come into play. Since the subconscious mind is what controls our body and our whole life, through suggestion, we may have many interesting events happening - some pleasant, while some very unpleasant. We [...]

Placebo Effect: Unsolved Mystery of the Human Body and Mind

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Despite we strive to understand the world, there are still many mysteries that we can not solve. One of them is the mystery of the placebo phenomenon. [Do not try this yourself] If you cause pain in someone many times a day and for many days, using morphine to control the pain [...]

The Top 5 Most Mysterious Unexplained Phenomena

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Often, strange and unexplained phenomena happen, and nobody, not even science, can explain it. There are numerous examples of phenomena, in relation to human beings, which are still impossible to explain. In our concrete world, these unexplained phenomena defy what we know as reality, considering most people have to see it to believe it these days. [...]