Psychologists Found a Rational Explanation of the Sixth Sense

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Almost every one of us has ever experienced a strange feeling that something has changed around, but it is impossible to understand what it is. All attempts to find the reason to rationalize what has happened fail. The “sixth sense” is one of the favorite themes in pop culture: movies are filmed, books are written [...]

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Social Intuition or How to Avoid a Titanic-Like Disaster

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Back in the 20th century, the researchers noticed a strange pattern: the most frequently occurring disasters and accidents that involved planes and trains took place when they were filled with passengers half of their capacity, while the safe trips had at least 76% of the passengers present. This pattern could be explained by the concept [...]

Scientists Claim to Have Created the ‘Sixth Sense’

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Scientists of the Duke University in North Carolina claim to have developed a “sixth sense” by using a special implant in the brain of experimental animals. Lead researcher Miguel Nicolelis said that the results of the experiment led them to important conclusions and paved the way for a new set of prosthetic devices that can [...]

“Sixth Sense” Is Promised to Be Given via Brain Implant

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Lab rats gained a “sixth sense” via brain implant that allowed them to “touch” the infrared light, according to data published in the journal Nature Communications. Seeing in the infrared spectrum Team of researchers at Duke University in North Carolina, led by Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, announced during the annual conference of the American Association for [...]

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Top 10 Things We Believe in Without Proof

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Empirical evidence gives us a choice of what to believe, but even when we do not have solid evidence to support the existence of something, we tend to have faith in certain things. Below you will find the top 10 things we believe in despite the lack of verifiable evidence of their existence. 1. Cryptids [...]

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4 Most Well-Known and Mysterious Metaphysical Phenomena

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Sometimes, metaphysics is described as the "physics of tomorrow". Many of the phenomena studied by metaphysics resemble a fantasy movie script, but maybe in the future, they will become everyday and ordinary. In an interview published on the, Nicholas Koumartzis, member of the Greek Community of Metaphysical Journalism and Ph.D. candidate at the Aristotle [...]

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Do We Have a Magnetic Sixth Sense?

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A protein in the retina of the human eye can perceive magnetic fields. So humans seem to have a kind of magnetic 'sixth sense'. This was discovered by researchers at the Medical School of the University of Massachusetts, led by neuroscience and neurobiology professor Steven Reppert, who published their study in the journal Nature communications. First [...]

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Sixth Sense Exists and Helps Us Understand What Other People Think

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According to a neuroscientist from Sydney, the phenomenon of sixth sense exists in a form of interaction between people. After five years of follow-up brain activity study, Trisha Stratford from the University of Technology, Sydney concluded that two people can “synchronize” the functions of their nervous system without having any visual or physical contact. She tried [...]