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5 Signs Your Social Phobia Is Actually Empathic Sensitivity to People’s Energy

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Social phobia or social anxiety is primarily associated with the irrational fear of being rejected and ridiculed by other people. It is also estimated that for the most part, social anxiety disorders affect those who were subject to bullying and physical or emotional abuse during the childhood years. At least, this is what psychological science [...]

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6 Summertime Struggles Only a Socially Awkward Introvert Will Understand

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Summertime is probably the most popular time of the year. What can be better than warm sunny days filled with the subtle atmosphere of joy and carefreeness? If you ask a dozen random people whether they like summer, you will hardly find one or two who will give a negative answer. Yet, there are individuals [...]

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8 Struggles of Having an Outgoing Personality While Suffering from Social Anxiety

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I might have an outgoing personality, but my social anxiety cripples me. One of the most difficult predicaments is having an outgoing personality but not being able to enjoy it to its fullest. Honestly, I don’t miss being around crowds of people all that much, and my social anxiety prevents me from sounding normal when [...]

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7 Reasons Being Socially Awkward Might Be a Real Super Power

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Being socially awkward is seen as weakness, but maybe we’re wrong about that. Maybe the lack of social finesse means something else. Small talk has never been easy for me, in fact, I cringe when it comes to “breaking the ice”. I rather just start the conversation in the middle somewhere, between spirituality and gender [...]

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Social Anxiety Disorder Could Be a Product of Genes, Study Finds

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Social anxiety disorder shapes the lives of millions of people worldwide. Impairing social interactions, the condition has been previously connected to a number of psychological and environmental factors. According to new research, the disorder may be linked to genetic roots. Also known as social phobia, social anxiety disorder is the excessive and unreasonable fear of [...]

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4 Effective Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety

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Almost 13% of the world’s population suffer from social anxiety, a crippling debilitating affliction that can impact daily life in massive ways. Fear of social situations can mean some people don’t want to leave their house or communicate with others, as when they do they may experience panic attacks, emotional instability and other unpleasant symptoms. [...]

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Scientists Have Discovered a Simple Way to Reduce Social Anxiety

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Social anxiety is something nearly 15 million people suffer from worldwide, yet, it is still a mental illness that many misunderstand. Social anxiety can be described as a fear of human interaction and not surprisingly, is the third-largest mental health issue in the United States. Alongside feelings of nervousness, panic, and anxiety in social situations, [...]

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This Funny Comic Perfectly Captures How Social Anxiety Feels

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Social anxiety can be tough. It makes you feel confused, frightened and uncomfortable even in the simplest everyday situations that involve dealing with other people. Making a phone call, using public transport or asking for directions can turn from an ordinary action, which is natural and easy for most people, into a challenging and devastating [...]