Sadistic Tendencies Are Pretty Common – How to Spot Them in People You Know

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We’ve all heard about psychopaths, serial killers and sociopaths. Those of us who are interested in deviant behaviour know what makes up the Dark Triad. And we could probably reel off more than a few character traits from Hare’s Checklist of Psychopathy. But what about sadism? Where does that rank in the above personality trait [...]

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The Psychology of Female Killers: Why Do Women Kill?

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Women make up half of society, yet, they commit under 15% of all murders. Clearly, female killers are rare. But why do some women resort to murder? Historically, women are more at risk of violence in society. We can put this down to a few factors. For example, women tend to be smaller in size [...]

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How to Spot a Female Sociopath by These 6 Traits and Behaviors

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Sociopaths move through society in the shadows. In terms of danger, female sociopath is the most powerful. With so many mental and personality disorders, it’s no wonder it’s hard for us to differentiate between them. I know I sometimes have a difficult time with this as well. When studying narcissism, I sometimes get lost in [...]

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How to Spot a Sociopathic Liar and Why You Should Stay away from Them

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Don’t get caught out by a manipulative liar, especially when they have sociopathic tendencies. Look out for these signs and steer well clear. What is a sociopathic liar? Unfortunately, they come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. The unsuspecting romantic partner, work colleague or internet fraudster can all turn out to be [...]

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5 Types of Liars and How to Recognize and Deal with Each

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Did you know that there are different types of liars? In order to confront each of them effectively, it’s important to recognize which type you are dealing with. Lying is a terribly destructive thing. Not only does it cause pain and hurt for the one being lied to but the one doing the lying too. [...]

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The Secret Language of Manipulators: What Sociopaths, Psychopaths and Narcissists Say to Trap You

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If you learn to recognize the secret language of manipulators, it will be much more difficult for them to take advantage of you. If you have ever encountered a sociopath, psychopath, narcissist or other deviant personality type, you might have wondered how on earth you got conned, played, used, tricked or deceived. People like sociopaths [...]

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What Is a Narcissistic Sociopath and How to Spot One

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A narcissistic sociopath is someone who has a combination of a narcissistic personality and sociopathic traits. Could there be one in your life? Once upon a time, people were either mad or bad, and that was the level to which we distinguished between the two. Nowadays, there are all kinds of labels on all kinds [...]

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What Is the Difference Between a Psychopath and a Sociopath, According to Science?

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Both a psychopath and a sociopath are types of antisocial personality. We hear these terms in today’s media more often than ever. In fact, they are quite often used to define the same person since few people know that there is a difference between a psychopath and a sociopath. This is hardly surprising when you [...]