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4 Ways Your Online Privacy Is Being Invaded without You Even Knowing

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Your online privacy may be invaded even when you are not aware of that. There are a number of ways commercial giants keep their eyes on us. We all do a complete circle daily: wake up, rush to office, return home late in the evening to grab a snack, and spend a few hours staring [...]

New Software Lets You See Your Three-Year-Old Child As an Adult!

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U.S. researchers developed a software program, which is claimed to be able to automatically generate sequential images of the future, predicting how the face of a child will change from decade to decade, as he will be growing from three years old to… 83. The research, funded by the Google company and the biggest processor manufacturer [...]

Future Control: New Mobile App Claims to Predict the Future

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Designer Dor Tal from Israel developed a concept gadget Future Control, which can analyze the information taken from the internet in order to make “predictions” about the actions of its owner. The Future Control Project focuses primarily on a new mobile application that requires access to the personal data of social networks, bank accounts, e-mail, [...]

Couple Invents iPhone Application for Communicating with Spirits

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A couple of ghost hunters from Indiana, U.S.A., claim to have created an application that allows people to communicate with ghosts with the help of their iPhone. Passion for the paranormal has united two people Roger Pingleton and Jill Beitz. According to the couple, they always try to visit the places where strange events happen, [...]

Avatar-like Experiment: Human-Rat Interaction via Virtual Reality and Robotics

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British and Spanish scientists designed a simulation device that allows rats to experience “Avatar” and establish interactive communication with humans. In the sci-fi film “Avatar”, the human body, through genetic modification, can easily become substituted for a person of an alien race. Currently, a team of computer scientists are to transform science fiction into reality [...]

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New iPhone app can influence your dreams!

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British psychologist carries out a mass participation experiment in order to verify whether an application for smartphones with the name Dream:On can positively influence human dreams. The application is developed by a scientific team led by Richard Wiseman, professor at the University of Hertfordshire. It is considered to monitor and record sleep patterns, eventually producing a [...]