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7 Alternatives to Going to College That Can Lead You to Success in Life

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A lot of high school kids feel that going to college is almost mandatory. But what if you don’t want to go to college? Fortunately, there are alternatives. It’s a result of pressure, the pressure that comes from their parents, friends, and the society in general. It seems like people forgot one simple truth along [...]

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The Dark Side of Education: Former Teacher Reveals How Schools Create Empty Children

By |2018-12-16T22:29:33+02:00April 23rd, 2016|Categories: Education, Education & Technology, Food for thought|Tags: , , , , |

A former teacher emphasizes the potential damage of the school system and reveals how it creates empty children. Over the years, the school education system has been colorfully criticized by many. From authors to activists, and philosophers to artists, more and more personalities are voicing concern over the potential damage being caused to children growing [...]

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How to Find Out What Career Suits You and Pick the Right Course

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The most important decision you can ever make is choosing the right career. Understanding the right profession and choosing the right area of study will help you succeed, prosper and live a happy life. However, picking the right course is one of the most complicated issues that a student will face; many things such as [...]

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How to Master Essay Writing: 8 Basic Tips for Students

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Many students struggle with their essay writing simply because they don't completely understand what the best way to go about them. Even then, essay writing should not be a difficult task if you follow through with the below advice and tips. Always use active voice As much as possible, when writing an essay, use active [...]