The Other Side of Mars Colonization: Potential Dangers of the Red Planet

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As the prospect of a permanent colony on Mars is getting closer with every new press release from the Mars One project, it probably makes sense to remember that any person who will move permanently to Mars will most likely die untimely and painful death. Here are some things that are most likely to cause [...]

Astronomers Discovered Water on Dwarf Planet Ceres

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European and U.S. astronomers discovered traces of water on Ceres, a dwarf planet and the biggest and most spherical asteroid in our solar system. The water was detected in the form of water vapor columns ejected into space possibly from volcanic geysers. It is the first unambiguous detection of water on Ceres and, more generally, on [...]

How Long Would Life On Earth Last if the Sun Went out

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A cup of hot coffee put in refrigerator cools down instantly. Similarly, if the sun was suddenly “switched off”, which in reality is physically impossible, the Earth, compared with the surrounding space, would remain hot for several million years after that. However, the inhabitants of our planet would feel the cold much earlier. Within a [...]

‘Comet of the Century’ Survived But Lost Most of Its Mass

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Scientists are surprised, referring to a shine coming from a small part of the “Comet of the Century”, which, however, seems to be heading towards disintegration. The ISON seems to be “injured” but “alive” after the “hot embrace” with the center of our solar system. According to the latest data available to scientists, the ISON [...]

«Comet of the Century» Didn’t Survive Its Meeting with Sun

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Initial observations indicate that the ISON dissolved as passed at a short distance from the Sun. According to the latest observations, the “comet of the century” does not seem to have survived the most critical night of its life. The first data from space telescopes show that the comet ISON probably dissolved on Thursday night [...]

‘Comet of the Century’ Promises Once-in-a-Life Spectacle

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The comet Ison, dubbed by the astronomers the “Comet of the Century”, will be observable in the northern hemisphere as it is getting closer to the Sun and promises a ‘once in a lifetime’ spectacle for skywatchers. The comet Ison weighs more than 3 billion pounds and is directed towards the Sun at a speed [...]

Sun Will Reverse Its Polarity Within the Next Three Weeks

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Astronomers announced when exactly the magnetic field of the star will change to the opposite polarity, and what troubles it can cause to the inhabitants of the earth. NASA astronomers have learned when the Sun’s magnetic field will change its polarity. According to the calculations, it will happen in only three weeks, writes the “Metro”. [...]

What Will the Earth Look Like in Millions of Years?

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Human civilization is developing very fast. Only five thousand years ago first nodular writing was introduced, and today we have learnt to share terabytes of information at light speed. And the pace of progress is increasing. Predicting what human impact on our planet may be even a thousand years into the future is almost impossible. [...]