Do Superstitions Have Any Actual Scientific Basis Behind Them?

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Superstitions are among issues that have long been perceived to have some unrevealed secrets as their origins. With the progress of science and scientific methods, some old superstitions have faded away for not having any element of reality, while some others are still subjects of debate. The main question is how real superstitions are. Are they [...]

Our Childhood Beliefs about Afterlife Stay with Us Through Adulthood

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Do you remember your favorite superhero as a child? How about angels and demons? Do you have the same beliefs now? A study done on college students says that the resounding answer to that last question is yes! Why is it we stick to the opinions formed as a child? Science is coming up with [...]

10 unsolved mysteries of the human body and mind

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Modern science is still puzzled by some of the features of human physiology and psychology. British scientists ranked the most inexplicable ones: 1. Ability to blush with shame Scientists have no clear explanation as to why people start blushing when they get into an awkward position or are caught in a lie. It looks as [...]

Friday the 13th: why are we afraid of it?

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For some it is an ordinary day and for others, whose number amounts up to 60 million people, is an unlucky day that causes fear. It gives inspiration for thriller movies and becomes a true nightmare for superstitious people. In addition we are having a leap year, which already includes two other, except for today, [...]

13 most common superstitions and their origins

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We are daily surrounded by superstition. Don’t pass under a ladder, don’t step on broken glass… Where do these superstitions come from and why do we follow them? British writer Harry Oliver in his book titled “Black Cats & Four-Leaf Clovers” explores the roots of superstitions around the world. […]