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Swastika and the Little-Known History of This Symbol

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Everyone knows that the swastika is a symbol of hatred and cruelty, synonymous with fascism that led to one of the most destructive wars humanity has ever witnessed. But did you know that before the Nazis used it, Swastika had a history dating back almost 12.000 years? The swastika was an auspicious symbol with positive [...]

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Pineal Gland: Is It the Point of Connection Between the Body and the Soul?

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The pineal gland has various names such as pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis, or, in a more mystical sense, the third eye. Could it be the point of connection between the body and the soul? This small endocrine gland is located in the vertebrate brain, between the hemispheres of two joining thalamic bodies in the [...]