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Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication at a Distance Proven Possible

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Are you ready for the brain-to-brain communication? Well, it seems that science is one step ahead of you. Collective intelligence is already a fact, it is real. Yes, humans can speak to each other without pen, paper or even the Internet. The interesting part about this idea is that we have been able to do [...]

Your Brain Is a Prediction Machine: It Predicts What Your Interlocutor Is Going to Say

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The fact that sometimes we think we emit the same “wavelength” with another person because our brain is designed to continuously run ahead and “predict ” what our interlocutor is going to say. This is the conclusion of a new American study. […]

Direct Human Brain-to-Brain Communication Has Become Possible

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An experimental system that allows the transmission of signals from one brain to another allowed a researcher to move his colleague’s hand at a distance. “The Internet has so far been a means to connect computers. Now it can also be a means to connect brains,” says Andrea Stocco, member of the research team at [...]

What Will the Earth Look Like in Millions of Years?

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Human civilization is developing very fast. Only five thousand years ago first nodular writing was introduced, and today we have learnt to share terabytes of information at light speed. And the pace of progress is increasing. Predicting what human impact on our planet may be even a thousand years into the future is almost impossible. [...]

Scientists Claim to Have Created the ‘Sixth Sense’

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Scientists of the Duke University in North Carolina claim to have developed a “sixth sense” by using a special implant in the brain of experimental animals. Lead researcher Miguel Nicolelis said that the results of the experiment led them to important conclusions and paved the way for a new set of prosthetic devices that can [...]

Electronic Telepathy and Telekinesis Could Become Reality Thanks to Temporary Tattoos

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Scientists say that we may soon be able to control flying drones with our minds, and communicate almost telepathically via smart phones, thanks to temporary electronic tattoos. Todd Coleman, associate professor of bioengineering at the University of California, is developing non-invasive means to control electronics with the mind – a technique that can be used [...]

Direct Communication Between Two Minds Proven to Be Possible

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In an experiment that seems to come out of science fiction, American neuroscientists connected with cables the brains of two rats, allowing them to perceive and accept the stimuli of each other, even at a distance of thousands of kilometers. Tricking the brain “Can we trick the brain? Can it process signals from another body?” [...]

“Sixth Sense” Is Promised to Be Given via Brain Implant

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Lab rats gained a “sixth sense” via brain implant that allowed them to “touch” the infrared light, according to data published in the journal Nature Communications. Seeing in the infrared spectrum Team of researchers at Duke University in North Carolina, led by Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, announced during the annual conference of the American Association for [...]