• Melancholic Personality

8 Signs of a Melancholic Personality and Why It Can Be Hard to Understand

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There are many different types of personality out there, but one of the most misunderstood is the melancholic personality. A melancholic personality is hard to understand because the person who has it will naturally be one that keeps to themselves. This makes it difficult to truly understand them. There is nothing wrong with having a [...]

  • phlegmatic personality type

What Is a Phlegmatic Personality Type and 13 Signs That This Is You

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Do you have a phlegmatic personality type and if so, what are the signs? The temperament types are one of the oldest methods of determining your personality. There are four temperament types: sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, and melancholic. Your temperament type affects your appearance and your personality. But before we look at the phlegmatic personality type [...]

  • child's temperament type

How to Find Your Child’s Temperament Type and Parent Them Accordingly

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The temperament is a set of characteristics and qualities a person exhibits on a daily basis, starting with early childhood. How to find your child's temperament type and how will it help you parent them? There are seven major characteristics making up temperament in children: activity level, approachability, adaptability, mood, intensity, distractibility, sensory threshold. These [...]

  • sanguine temperament

What Is Sanguine Temperament and 8 Telltale Signs That You Have It

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If you are living with a sanguine temperament, you are one of the best people to be around! A sanguine type is one of four temperaments, developed from one of the world’s oldest types of personality theory. These four temperaments are based on an ancient medical concept – humourism. Humours refer to bodily fluids that [...]

  • choleric temperament

What Is Choleric Temperament and 6 Telltale Signs You Have It

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Ever heard the expression “spouting yellow bile”? That could be your choleric temperament! Choleric temperament is based on the four temperaments system. This system is one of the world’s oldest types of personality theory and is based on an ancient medical concept – humourism. Humours refer to bodily fluids that are present within the body and [...]

  • temperament psychology type

What Temperament Psychology Reveals about Your Personality

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Temperament psychology is one of the oldest methods of explaining human behaviour. It refers to the ancient Greek theory of humorism. Each person contains four bodily fluids (humors) in varying proportions. Each humor represents a different temperament. It is these humors that give us the basis for temperament psychology: Blood - Sanguine Phlegm - [...]

  • moving to another state

Here Is How Moving to Another State Affects Your Personality, According to a Recent Study

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When you are looking to buy a new house and thinking of moving to another state, most of us try to imagine what it would be like living there. Does it feel right, can we picture ourselves living our daily lives in it? When we walk in do we know straight away whether we can [...]

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What Your Season of Birth Can Say about Your Personality

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It seems that, among other factors, your mood and temperament depend on your season of birth, according to a new study. Since ancient times, astrology has tried to link one’s personality traits to the influence of the planets at the time they were born. Now, in a way, scientists come to recognize the correlation between [...]