Top 5 Time Travel Concepts That Could Really Work

time travel conceptsThe possibility of time travel has occupied both great scientific minds and sci-fi lovers for quite a long time now. Despite the fact that it is considered impossible by most physicists, there are still theories that could really work. Here are 5 most interesting ones:

1. Cosmic strings

Cosmic strings are hypothetical topological defects in the space-time fabric, still remaining from the formation of the universe. With their help, in theory, a field of closed timelike curves can be formed, allowing travel into the past. Some scientists suggest that cosmic strings can be used to construct a time machine. If two cosmic strings get close to each other or a single string reaches a black hole, (more…)

What Would Happen If a Black Hole Passed Near Our Solar System?

black hole solar systemBlack holes are one of the most frightening phenomena that exist in space. Their gravitational force is so strong that they distort space and time beyond possible limits.

Therefore it begs a question what could happen if such a monster suddenly appeared or traveled to the vicinity of our solar system?

Before answering this question, let us first clarify some other questions. At what distance would it appear? Where would it come from? How massive would such a black hole be? (more…)

Eye Movement Can Reveal Much about Your Personality and Behavior

eyes behavior personalityEveryone knows the saying that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Now it seems that their relationship with the brain function is proved. The slightest eye movement can reveal information about the personality and behavior of a person, claims a new study.

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University found that rapid eye movements show impatience and inability of self-restraint.

Understanding how the brain perceives the time can explain why the decision-making process is more difficult for people with neurological disorders such as schizophrenia or for people who have suffered a head injury. (more…)

7 Optimistic Scenarios for the Future of Our Planet

Visions of the future of our planet depicted by science fiction writers and futurists usually include atomic explosion, killer robots on tracks, or zombie apocalypse. And this is justified since we do not take adequate care of our environment, new technologies are not always good for mankind and people of…

Does Time Exist in Reality or Is It Just an Illusion?

time universeThe Perimeter Institute in Ontario, Canada, is a research center dedicated to studying the underlying concepts of Physics. A prominent personality of the Foundation, Lee Smolin, one of the main ambassadors of loop quantum gravity, which is an alternative to string theory point of view on the unification of the fundamental forces in Nature, recently gave a speech on the nature of time, a central issue in the understanding of nature itself.

Smolin’s vision is different from the prevailing view that time is a human construct or an illusion in the image we have of the universe. (more…)

Myths and Truths about Brain Hemispheres and Their Functions

brain hemispheresOver the last decade great attention to the functioning of the cerebral hemispheres and its effects on the process of learning was paid. This interest has to do with the fact that traditional teaching models are based on the functioning of the left hemisphere i.e. the development of language and logic, without taking into account the characteristics of the right hemisphere, such as intuition, spontaneity, and imagination.
Although the famous French mathematician Poincare argued that “the logic proves but the intuition creates” and although the Hungarian scientist Michael Polanyi talked about mental beauty and passion in the process of knowledge discovery, only recently science began to recognize the role of (more…)

Is Teleportation Possible and How Much Time Would It Require?

In science fiction (such as "Star Trek"), teleportation is a usual thing. But is teleportation possible in reality and how much time and effort would be necessary to submit the data required for human teleportation? Students at the Physics Department of the University of Leicester Declan Roberts, James Nelms, Suzanne…

Time Travel Machine Is Theoretically Feasible, Say Scientists

Israeli scientist Amos Ori made calculations to evaluate the possibility of time travel. Now, he claims that the world of science is in possession of all of the necessary theoretical knowledge to suggest that the creation of a time travel machine is theoretically possible. The scientist's mathematical calculations are published…