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Top 5 Time Travel Concepts That Could Really Work

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The possibility of time travel has occupied both great scientific minds and sci-fi lovers for quite a long time now. Despite the fact that it is considered impossible by most physicists, there are still theories that could really work. Here are 5 most interesting ones: 1. Cosmic strings Cosmic strings are hypothetical topological defects in [...]

Wormholes and Quantum Entanglement Seem to Be Linked

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Wormholes in space-time continuum, which are a great method of the rapid movements between different parts of the universe, are certainly well known to the readers of science fiction. Moreover, the concept of wormholes is well described in the space-time theory, where they are called Einstein-Rosen bridges and represent the deformation of space-time continuum. But [...]

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Top 5 Puzzling Mysteries of the Universe

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There are a lot of things we have learnt about the universe over the last millennium. But some things are still unknown to us, and these unsolved mysteries seem suspicious to us. Let's take a quick look at some of the puzzling mysteries we have no knowledge about to this day. 1. What is the [...]

10 futuristic predictions that have not yet come true

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From flying cars, food in pill form and volatile devices to time travel, teleportation and cyborgs… All these amazing ideas from sci-fi movies and books have not become a reality yet. Let’s look at eminent visions of the future we are anxiously waiting for, but apparently in vain. 1. Global uniform From the TV series [...]