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3 Ways Journal Writing Benefits Your Mental Health and Personal Growth

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Journal writing can be more beneficial to mental health and personal development than you realize. This article looks at the ways how keeping a journal can change your life for the better. In this modern world, it can be very hard not to lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of a working week. You [...]

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7 Reasons Writing a Book Can Help With Your Depression

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Could writing a book help you heal from mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety? At some point in their lives, nearly everybody will be impacted by situational or clinical depression. While there is no substitute for appropriate medical care and therapy, people struggling with depression often find that adding in positive activities such [...]

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5 Famous Writers and Their Motivational Tips to Help You Kill Procrastination

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Procrastination often makes us spending our valuable and productive time doing meaningless things and everything else but writing. Famous writers know it very well. Sometimes, you sit down at the table and it just doesn't happen. How often do you find yourself procrastinating, unable to come with a single good damn sentence? This may be common for [...]

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How to Master Essay Writing: 8 Basic Tips for Students

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Many students struggle with their essay writing simply because they don't completely understand what the best way to go about them. Even then, essay writing should not be a difficult task if you follow through with the below advice and tips. Always use active voice As much as possible, when writing an essay, use active [...]