That is what aliens look like!

///That is what aliens look like!

what aliens look likeIf you believe that aliens are little green men, you should probably forget it, since, according to scientists, these beings (if they exist) would probably look like giant jellyfish with orange underbelly!

According to British scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock, it is likely that extraterrestrial life exists and is even stranger than we imagine. She claims that alien beings look like known jellyfishes that swim the seas. The difference is that they have a metal outer skin, and their internal parts are of orange color.

But while they might look like jellyfish, they would not live in the sea but in the atmosphere of planets like Jupiter. Basis of their life is not carbon but silicon, and the creatures absorb sunlight through the “skin” and chemical substances through their giant mouths.

Much of Pocock’s inspiration comes from strange life forms recently discovered in the depths of the oceans.

Dr. Pocock stressed that it is natural that “our imagination is limited by what we see around us and by the conventional wisdom that life requires water and carbon. However, some researchers have done a great job, playing with ideas such as silicon which could support other advanced life forms on other planets and environments very different from ours. ”

The chief scientist of the space company Astrium says that while there are billions of planets only in our galaxy, very few of them are able to support life. Then, even if life has evolved, it is unlikely to be intelligent enough to contact us. Finally, if it is, the chances that it will happen now are extremely limited.

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That is what aliens look like!