When someone is lying, you can see the signs in their body language. That’s why learning to read these signs is very important. This is not to say that everybody you meet will be a liar and a cheat, of course.

Simply put, knowing how to spot the signs of lying will make your life easier. Body language is a dead giveaway when it comes to lying or any kind of inauthentic behavior. Knowing when somebody’s body language is giving away their true thoughts and intentions is critical. This skill can be particularly useful when it comes to business relationships.

The underlying theory is that people can’t control that body language when they are lying. When body language and oral language matches up, everything is fine. Otherwise, something is wrong.

Read on for secrets shared by psychologists that can show you body language cues when somebody is lying!


People normally have a specific body language. This tip is only useful if you know someone well enough to know what their normal is, unfortunately. Sometimes people who normally act one way can act in another. The body language of lying will tell you that this means that they are not being honest with you.

One prominent example of this is when people use the wrong hand to gesture with. Most people will use their dominant hand to make gestures which are important. If they suddenly switch, that means that the person is most likely lying to you.

The eyes have it

Prolonged eye contact isn’t normal, but you should expect people to look at you at least some of the time. If someone is not looking at you, then this can be a sign of lying. It can mean that people are very uncomfortable with what they are saying.

If someone is not looking at you, and their eyes are darting around, this can also be a sign. Darting eyes indicates discomfort. It means that people feel trapped by the situation, and also that they are trying to get out of it. Often by any means necessary.

Rapid blinking is another good tool to see if someone is lying. Most people blink a certain number of times a minute – and men blink less than women. If someone is blinking rapidly, it could just mean that they have something in their eye. It could, however, also mean that they are lying. People blink more rapidly when they are stressed.

As a corollary to this, check how long people close their eyes for. A blink doesn’t last very long. If someone is closing their eyes for longer, they are doing it as a defence mechanism. This defence mechanism could be in relation to them lying to you.

The way people look can sometimes be a giveaway. The direction of someone’s gaze often corresponds to their dominant hand. If a right-handed person looks left, they are accessing their imagination.

The same goes for left-handed people, except in reverse. The body language of lying has them act in opposition to their own normal. Think of why someone might need to use their imagination while talking to you…it could be because they are lying.


Many people have a fake smile to go with their real one. A real smile will have an effect on the face as a whole. People get smile wrinkles and nose scrunches when they smile.

If the person you are talking to has them, it is a real smile. If not, then it is not a real smile. A fake smile could be a sign that people are lying to you.


People quite often touch their face when they lie. This is part of them being uncomfortable with what they are doing and saying. Keep an eye out for it! This body language cue is especially true for people who don’t normally touch their faces when speaking to someone.


Fidgeting is very common for people who are uncomfortable. Much like blinking, it is a defence mechanism, meant to keep us on the ready for anything bad happening.

It can function as a way of detecting lies with the body language of lying. If someone is fidgeting, it can mean that they are uncomfortable with what they are saying. If you want to see if someone is lying, watch for any untoward movements.

Body language, as has been said, should match the situation. It is very difficult to conceal your own body language, which is why so many people keep an eye on it. Whatever you are saying is mimicked in whatever you are doing. This can make lies and deceit very easy to spot, particularly when you are talking to someone you know well.

It would have a detrimental effect on your life to constantly be on the watch for signs of lying. It would probably be best if you didn’t try and find out if everybody you speak to is lying, but it can be helpful. In business terms, or when having a difficult conversation, it can be very helpful.


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  1. Sherona

    I know someone who keeps CONSTANT eye contact and LIES with great convincing ability.

  2. BeenThereDoneThat

    Good point. It is a documented fact that psychopaths can pass lie detector tests for crimes they are guilty of. I’m sure if they can fool a computer, they can look us square in the eye and lie, successfully, for the same reason: they actually believe their own bull$417.

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