Ever heard of the Billy Meier case? Yeah, well neither had I until an acquaintance suggested I check it out.

With all the buzz about extra-terrestrials, the Billy Meier case fits right in. In a nutshell, Billy Meier claims he has been visited by aliens, the Plejaren to be exact, for most of his life.

Could it be true? Amidst the argument as to why life outside our planet has not contacted us, do we see someone who had the opportunity to meet those elusive beings we crave to see? Let’s examine this case.

Who Is Billy Meier?

His formal name is Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier and he claims to have been in contact with aliens since the young age of 5. Apparently, Billy Meier has been the subject of speculation for many years. His case is one of the most controversial situations in Ufology.

This seems remarkable, especially since most of us haven’t seen a single UFO, alien or strange light in our entire lives! During the years that follow his first encounter, Billy has offered evidence that “proves” his relationship with sentient beings.


The first bit of evidence is audio. Billy Meier claims to have captured fourteen minutes of sound on July 7, 1980, in Ober-Sadelegg, Switzerland-sounds came from the Variant III ship. Research consultant, Jim Dilettoso, took samples of the recordings to Peter Gimer and Rick Coupland of Micor in San Francisco to study the sounds.

Findings suggest that twenty-four frequencies were in the audible range while eight were outside the range. Later speculation suggested that cassette tapes couldn’t record anything out of the inaudible range, and this proved the previous findings as false.


What’s interesting about Meier’s photos is that they are hilariously fake. Unless, of course, aliens look a lot like singers from the Dean Martin show.

After the photos were examined, they were found to be pictures of Michelle Dellafave and Lindsey Bloom, who, according to Billy Meier, were “Asket” and “Nera” – their alien names, of course. It was Michelle Dellafave that came forward with the truth about her photo.


There were films as well, films of spacecraft descending behind a distant hill. These films were scrutinized as being hoaxes, created by Meier and supporters. Meier argues that because the object was descending behind the hill, the films cannot be fake.

There are also films which show spacecraft disappearing in the blink of an eye. Many think this is sure evidence of falsity. Maybe Meier was exercising his ability to edit – it’s as simple as that! More than likely, his supporters served as his cover-up team – this may be what the skeptics are thinking.


Metal fragments were collected by Meier, and he claims the composition of the fragments is otherworldly. According to the skeptics, the metal fragments were simply pieces of copper and silver – nothing special.


Meier disclosed prophecies given to him during various visitations, and I mean various in the terms of over a hundred visitations, whew! Meier’s alleged alien friends, the Plejaren, provided a bulk of information about Jupiter.

The information consisted of revealing the composition of Jupiter’s rings and other interesting facts about the planet. These prophecies were said to be given to Meier in 1978, with confirmation in 1980. Whether or not these dates are true, information on Jupiter was reported in scientific papers in 1979, which makes Meier’s prophecies neither here nor there.

Who is Billy Meier? Is he an object of interest to alien life forms, or is he one of the biggest liars to ever live? Maybe he is a few short of a full pack.

One thing is for certain, he is unique. He never provided those blurred and filmy photographs that most people produce. He gave us clear detailed photographs of the spacecraft, even though they were fake. Even so, Billy Meier’s story is filled with holes, especially the bit with “Asket” and “Nera”.

What is your opinion about the Billy Meier case? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. George E Moss

    Well, we have to accept that the brain is a wonderful biological computer that is capable of downloading thought-behind-words to its known language instantaneously. This is the basis of telepathy. I can assure that a well-guided and experienced séance group, such as we have had operating in its present form from 1994, can receive ET-communications. So we are in a very strong position to state that ET-communication is not only possible, but a reality. [Note: The SETI project that actually seeks communication, has failed because they use an inappropriate method and do not accept telepathic mind-link via séance.]

  2. Michael Horn

    Hi Sherrie,

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, let’s start there. And let’s also say that the confirmed existence of extraterrestrial life would be the most important discovery in all of human history…exceeded only by contact with it.

    Rather than either load my comment with links, or insult you for doing a less than half-baked job, I’ll tell you that your article is full of untruths. Photo analyses done 30 years ago – and recent ones done with even more advanced technology – AUTHENTICATED Meier’s photographic evidence, which is comprised of over 1,200 UFO photos, films and video.

    The sounds were AUTHENTICATED…in four separate labs. The metal samples AUTHENTICATED by a scientist at IBM. And even more importantly, Meier’s SPECIFIC, prophetically accurate information continues to be corroborated almost daily…unfortunately.

    Now I can – and frequently do – present lectures, interviews, articles, etc., substantiating all of this and more.

    So as one renegade to another (read my bio) I invite you to learn the real facts about the Meier case. That could take the form of an interview, discussion, debate, etc. Leaving all of this inadequate, incorrect information up is no service to your readers or the truth.

    Of course I’ll be glad to provide links for you and your readers…including showing where they can view the facts about the Asket and Nera so that people can determine the truth for themselves.

    If you indeed live up to your own stated aspirations I’m sure you won’t mind being educated by someone who’s spent, not 36 minutes, but 36 years investigating the case.

    I also hope that my comment will appear for any other interested readers.

    Michael Horn
    Authorized American Media Representative
    The Billy Meier Contacts

  3. Taro Istok

    Sherrie, your article contains a number of factual inaccuracies and omissions I feel your readers need to be aware of.

    = AUDIO =

    You wrote

    “Later speculation suggested that cassette tapes couldn’t record anything out of the inaudible range, and this proved the previous findings as false.”

    Speculation is not proof. The eight inaudible frequencies were never claimed nor found to have been recorded. They were CALCULATED by Dilettoso. They also found,

    “Other normal sounds were audible on the recording, but there were no signs of a tone-on-tone tape dubbing. All frequencies were clear and stable, and they were regularly lined up along the frequency scale.”

    This recording from April 14, 1976 was brought to the Naval Undersea Sound Center in Groton, Connecticut to be analysed by Steven Williams and Howard Ilson. They were able to match every single sound within their sound archives except for the, “target sound”(the UFO). Three conventional aircraft were specifically detected(Pilatus Porter, Junker JU-52, Mirage 111) all of which were confirmed to be in the area at the time of the recording.

    “Furthermore, background noises that were discovered included a small barking dog, a crowing rooster, a European police siren, and some clicks and vibrations, possibly the clicking of a camera shutter release.”

    Another sound recording from July 7, 1980 was analysed by Nils Rognerud and Steve Singer at Excalibur Studios in Studio City, California. For the sake of simplicity, I will skip the more technical portions of their frequency analysis. However,

    “Two other sound engineers and a synthesizer sound specialist joined the analysis team, and the sounds were reexamined, this time for possible duplication. All of these specialists agreed that the character of the sounds was unique and that any type of synthesis, if in fact such was possible, could produce only portions of the recordings we had examined and that duplicating only part of the sounds, even in a short linear segment, would be impossible. The number of traveling and constantly shifting discrete frequencies and constantly changing amplitudes, which were shifting in relative dominance, exhibited duplication problems that exceed the abilities of a current state-of-the-art device!”

    Reference: UFO Contact from the Pleiades: A Preliminary Investigation Report by Wendelle C. Stevens

    = PHOTOS =

    The “Asket” photos have never been proven to have been taken by Meier. His explanation is that they were planted into his personal collection which was never part of the extensive photographic analysis performed on his UFO photos. DellaFave and Asket had a similar enough resemblance to fool Meier. Meier’s explanation is consistent with Wendelle Stevens’ investigation:

    “We were told, and witnesses supported this, that much of the exposed film, over 30% of it, never came back from processing. Our investigation showed that the disappearance must have taken place in the mail system — an unusually high loss rate for any public service, which in itself raises many questions.”

    Stevens also received a letter from a U.S. “security agent”:

    “The way we got copies of Billy’s pictures was by paying off the man who handled the film processing for Billy. The man simply ordered a second set of pictures for us, and a second copy of the negatives, at an attractive profit, and the man often had copies made for himself. In a couple of cases we took the original copy of the negative, for the type of lab checks that you wanted to make.

    We also sent some garbage film through to the same processing company by the same store, under Billy’s name, to keep the boys doing the film processing honest. We did establish that there was a little hankey pankey going on at the processing plant, and/or in the mail some place. Someone else was getting off with the first copy of the negatives most of the time. Several times, according to the experts, our copy of the negative would be about the fifth one.”

    Meier’s “Asket” photos are at best, contaminated evidence. Although Meier’s UFO photos may appear, “hilariously fake” to the untrained eye, photogrammetric analysis has concluded his UFO photos to contain large, distant objects while ruling out the use of small models. In fact all forms of photographic manipulation were ruled out by first inspecting every grain of film using, among many things, scanning electron microscopes and microdensitometers. To calculate the objects’ distances, investigators travelled to Switzerland and took precise on-site measurements of landmark reference points using survey equipment. They attempted to duplicate his photos using their own models suspended by wire using multiple cameras including Meier’s. Edge identification analysis using two independent methods(blur level and grey shading) proved Meier’s objects to be much larger and much farther from the camera lens than any of their model attempts.

    Reference: UFO Contact from the Pleiades: A Preliminary Investigation Report by Wendelle C. Stevens

    = FILMS =

    Meier’s films have been, “scrutinized as being hoaxes” only by those with the agenda to discredit him and by avoiding any form of systematic analysis. Most if not all of his supporters did not exist until well after he gathered his evidence AND it became public knowledge due to the 5-year investigation. None of Meier’s films have ever been duplicated. To see just how difficult this actually is, watch my comparisons between Meier’s “Pendulum Film” and the best available attempt at duplication.


    There is at least once instance of a UFO disappearing/reappearing that is impossible to create by film editing.


    = METAL =

    The “skeptics'” conclusions are deliberately incomplete. They ignore the analysis by Marcel Vogel, senior research chemist at IBM research labs in San Jose, California:

    “Looking at the piece by x-ray diffraction, for elemental analysis, he found a single element deposit of Thulium(Tm, Atomic Number 69, Atomic Weight 168.934)…Thulium usually exists only in a transition state in modern Earth technology.”

    “Looking at that part spectrographically, the Thulium, remarkably, showed only the primary band spike for that element — no secondary bands existed. All of the elements examined spectrographically had missing bands in their spectrums which should have been there if they were normal atomic spectra. This indicates that the elements are put together in a very unusual way from normal Earth technology. The spectrographic bands are entirely different, beyond what one would consider an isotope. The bands showed a very high elemental purity and no secondary bands and no catalyst. Most of the elements studied showed the same un-Earthly characteristics.”

    “Basically this indicated a non-electrical cold fusion process of synthesis because there was no ash and no heat residue. Such a process is not known to Earth technology at this time. An elemental Aluminum state of similar purity was also noted, as well as the same for Silver.”

    “Another unique feature of these elements was the almost perfect uniform fall-off of lighter elements preceding that being studied in the spectrograph. There would be the primary in a high state of purity and then with no secondaries and no catalyst an absolutely uniform curve of all the lighter elements preceding that, through even the gasses. It appears as though the desired metal was a result of a uniform build-up of atomic density particle by particle!”

    And this is only a portion of the un-Earthly qualities Vogel discovered in his analysis. You can read the rest for yourself.

    Reference: UFO Contact from the Pleiades: A Preliminary Investigation Report by Wendelle C. Stevens

  4. Sherrie

    Thank you for you comments. I look forward to using the links above to continue my curiosity. I love to see such passionate readers who have devoted so many years to this research. I wish you all well.

    1. Oliver Schmidt

      Meier is a proven fraud and charlatan. All those supposed ‘space travel’ pictures he took from science books and magazines. He has been debunked years ago.
      Check it out: http://www.billymeieruforesearch.com/photos-and-videos/#Space_and_Time_travel_pictures

      All his so called ‘corroborated predictions’ were edited into the reprints of the books. You can’t get the first editions from the 70s/80s anymore. They were supposedly burnt by FIGU because of ‘grammatical errors’. The UFOs and sounds were replicated by Phil Langdon. Phil proved that the models can be made easily with one arm. Specially that ridiculous looking WCUFO. It’s a trashbin lid by Harcostar with shallow flower pot under liners, Christmas globes and rivets glued together.

      Hope that helps you in finding the truth.

  5. Harry

    Both Michael Horn and Taro are brainwashed supporters of the Meier cult. They can’t accept anything that disproves their belief system. They wont tell you that Meier is a convicted felon who was also sent to the insane asylum from which he escaped. On the run he left Switzerland and joined the French Foreign Legion. When he was sent to North Africa he deserted from the Legion and fled to the Middle East. So when they talk about Meier’s adventures and spiritual formative years he had outstanding warrants for his arrest in Switzerland and France!
    Meier claimed to have taken photographs of an alleged extraterrestrial craft nicknamed the Wedding Cake UFO. The base of it has been identified clearly as the lid of a Harcostar industrial drum, meaning it’s a model Meier constructed. Michael Horn and Taro here are too invested in the Meier case for even acknowledging it. They are too far gone. They can’t accept their cult leader (who also claims to be Jesus Christ reincarnated) to be at fault. These are the people you’re dealing with!

  6. Tiffany Bryant

    My aunt my moms sister. My favorite aunty staid with us and she lived in my room with me.
    So last night/this morning I seen her get out of a car along with my cousin other grandmother whom is also dead. I seen the first one and went to give her a hug but as soon as I seen my favorite aunt the one who lived in the room with me. I ran up to her and held her and told her how much I missed her. Ii was crying uncontrollably.
    My cousins one of which was my aunts daughter. She just stood back smiling and crying. Then I woke up. I was crying hysterically realizing that I had to be crying in my sleep and in my dream. So I began to type out what happened in my dream and felt better.
    So I thought to myself. “Why do my love ones always come and talk to me or visit me in my dream?” so why not Google it. Lol and I found this sight. So I am hoping that maybe I could get some type of clarification.

  7. Tiffany Bryant

    Now I do wanna say that the first this happened I was 16 years old. My uncle and my aunt whom were married had passed away. I was very close to the both of them.
    My uncle passed first then next his wife… My aunt.
    One night. They both appeared to me. In their original form before they had gotten sick. They both had on all white. They were smiling and very happy.
    I looked at them and said oh my goodness look at y’all.
    There was this bright beam of light around them and I reached out to touch them. They both said.
    “Tiff it’s ok now. We are ok. Tell everyone y’all don’t have to worry about us any longer and to rest easy and know that we love yall!”.
    In the dream I was crying happy tears and as I began to wake up I noticed that my pillow was wet and that tears was still falling from my eyes.
    One thing that stood out and I Know that they appeared to me and it was real is that.
    The dream was bright. The light surrounding them ok. As I opened my eyes I could still see the light but it began to fade. My room was pitch black. I could still see the ring of light where they were in my dream.
    Now you know how u look at a light, u stare at it you close your eyes and you still see that light? U may close your eyes and still see the light?
    That is Exactly how it was for me.
    So I never questioned what I had seen. I knew it was real. I know it was real.
    It brought great joy to their children and the other members who were close to them, when I told them what happen. Sooooo. That is/was my first experience.

  8. Freddy Plutonium

    There is more evidence in the original German books, Meier has also deliberately made it look fake so that it’s not torn down in 5 minutes by Catholics and Raelians. When individuals actually read the content and ignore the images for a moment and realise Michael Horn or Taro is not smart so much be modest and have investigated. 90% don’t ever read Billy Meier books and Google doesn’t list his books it lists Michael Horns, and there are so many who want to destroy something out there, so they made it look fake and didn’t try hard to correct the image of them, but it is a very thin filament between that and the truth story which is much more interesting and those that have actually taken the time to look at it have certainly found something if Michael Horn has studied it for 25 years. The problem is many are very short sighted and they die young and even their old age comes about very quickly they die before they know anything and what is learnt is very shallow in depth and that is the way it is.

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