Ever heard of the Billy Meier case? Yeah, well neither had I until an acquaintance suggested I check it out.

With all the buzz about extra-terrestrials, the Billy Meier case fit right in. In a nutshell, Billy Meier claims he has been visited by aliens, the Plejaren to be exact, for most of his life.

Could it be true? Amidst the argument as to why life outside our planet has not contacted us, do we see someone who had the opportunity to meet those elusive beings we crave to see? Let’s examine this case.

Who is Billy Meier?

His formal name is Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier and he claims to have been in contact with aliens since the young age of 5. Apparently, Billy Meier has been the subject of speculation for many years. His case is one of the most controversial situations in Ufology.

This seems remarkable, especially since most of us haven’t seen a single UFO, alien or strange light in our entire lives! During the years that follow his first encounter, Billy has offered evidence that “proves” his relationship with sentient beings.


The first bit of evidence is audio. Billy Meier claims to have captured fourteen minutes of sound on July 7, 1980, in Ober-Sadelegg, Switzerland-sounds came from the Variant III ship. Research consultant, Jim Dilettoso, took samples of the recordings to Peter Gimer and Rick Coupland of Micor in San Francisco to study the sounds.

Findings suggest that twenty-four frequencies were in the audible range while eight were outside the range. Later speculation suggested that cassette tapes couldn’t record anything out of the inaudible range, and this proved the previous findings as false.


What’s interesting about Meier’s photos is that they are hilariously fake. Unless, of course, aliens look a lot like singers from the Dean Martin show.

After the photos were examined, they were found to be pictures of Michelle Dellafave and Lindsey Bloom, who, according to Billy Meier, were “Asket” and “Nera” – their alien names, of course. It was Michelle Dellafave that came forward with the truth about her photo.


There were films as well, films of spacecraft descending behind a distant hill. These films were scrutinized as being hoaxes, created by Meier and supporters. Meier argues that because the object was descending behind the hill, the films cannot be fake.

There are also films which show spacecraft disappearing in the blink of an eye. Many think this is sure evidence of falsity. Maybe Meier was exercising his ability to edit – it’s as simple as that! More than likely, his supporters served as his cover-up team – this may be what the skeptics are thinking.


Metal fragments were collected by Meier, and he claims the composition of the fragments is otherworldly. According to the skeptics, the metal fragments were simply pieces of copper and silver – nothing special.


Meier disclosed prophecies given to him during various visitations, and I mean various in the terms of over a hundred visitations, whew! Meier’s alien friends, the Plejaren, provided a bulk of information about Jupiter.

The information consisted revealing the composition of Jupiter’s rings and other interesting facts about the planet. These prophecies were said to be given to Meier in 1978, with confirmation in 1980. Whether or not these dates are true, information on Jupiter was reported in scientific papers in 1979, which makes Meier’s prophecies neither here nor there.

Who is Billy Meier? Is he an object of interest to alien life forms, or is he one of the biggest liars to ever live? Maybe he is a few short of a full pack.

One thing is for certain, he is unique. He never provided those blurred and filmy photographs that most people produce. He gave us clear detailed photographs of spacecraft.

What’s more, he gave us a whole truckload of evidence in other media as well. Even so, Billy Meier’s story is filled with holes, especially the bit with “Asket” and “Nera”. But if we took away those few hoaxes and focused on the remaining body of evidence, could we see Meier in a new light.

Who knows, maybe there’s some truth to this case, and maybe, just maybe…aliens have been visiting for a long time. It’s both a nice and disturbing idea, don’t you think?


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