Physically, our world is made up of molecular and chemical arrangements and carbon-based atoms vibrating away and being held together.

Deoxyribonucleic Acids (DNA) are present in all life and are known to govern the way the proteins are distributed, as well as to have some influence over instinctive response and personality.

The earth itself is comprised of various elements with different makeups. Everywhere we look, there are patterns and cycles which persist without needing to be maintained: in weather, in every ecosystem including lakes and forests, and in the chain of life.

Buried deeper beneath the more evident patterns that have been observed for thousands of years, there are more patterns at work which have been found in various aspects of life across the world.

I’m referring to something which has many names: The Sacred Geometry, The Merkaba Construct, and the Flower of Life are just a few of the associated titles.

The flower of life is represented by circles overlaying one another in a manner that creates nodes where they intersect. The geometrical pattern follows something which we have come to know as the “Golden Ratio”, which plays a part in the Fibonacci Sequence.

This pattern can be found in various parts of life, most abundantly in nature; in fact, it has even come to be referred to as nature’s numbering system.

Some examples of where this can be found are florets in a flower, scales of a pineapple, the spiral and leaf count in a rose, and a beehive. Deeper yet, the exact pattern of the flower of life can be seen in the way a DNA strand is formed by looking at the cross-section (watch the video below).

So, this sequence and sacred geometry have been found in so many different parts of life, from corals to flowers and trees to cloud forms, and even right down to the very structure of our molecules on the atomic level. But what does this all mean?

First off, I’d like to mention that the flower of life is found in various religions across the world.

One ancient example of the circular representation is in Egypt and thought to represent the eye of Ra.

Other examples of this ancient symbol can be found in Phoenician, Assyrian, Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, and medieval art. Additionally, the center of the flower of life contains the nodes which make up the ten sephiroth of the Jewish Kaballah (tree of life).

The consistency of this pattern’s appearance in all religions in conjunction with all of nature surely holds some strong relevancy. It is my opinion that this connection is the foundation for the inter-connectivity we experience in our lives, that this Sacred Geometry is what makes the lines in “string theory” and ties us all together.

To me, the tree of life, the representation of the emanations of Kaballah, is a link to the Akashic Records, and that these building blocks of life are also the building blocks of our spirit.



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  1. JOhn P

    i can see the flower of life at everything i look at, if i eat enough acid.. seriously though.. wonder if its just a hallucination or some kind of coincidence..

  2. Ria

    I see the flower of life in everything as well (on acid)…. but I can notice it in my skin very clearly when sober. Especially on my knee – the creases in the skin form the pattern all over. Anyone else see this?

  3. james

    The flower of life is the symbol of life and creation it is normal that we find it everywhere, even in religion and art. Good images by the way.

  4. Dis pater

    I became conscious of this mathematical pattern being fundamental to physical reality while on lsd and psilocybe simultaneously, I seen it everywhere literally everywhere from my floor my skin the walls light shadows being able to see sound and seeing little “seeds of life” appearing where sound was present as if I could see the vibrational pattern of those sounds. I can now see it regularly after so many trips, and I have come across a unified grand theory of everything known as ontological mathematics, I went down the rabbit hole for sure.

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