depressionAs you know, our soul and body are closely connected together and have a strong influence on each other. Diseases affect our thoughts and emotions as well as some of our thoughts can cause disease.

Knowing the impact of emotions on human health, doctors advise not to be influenced by negative thoughts and feelings. But due to the pace of modern life, it’s not so easy to fully protect yourself from stress and negative emotions.However,it’s possible to minimize them.At least,trynot to accumulate negative feelings because it’s bad for the state of internal organs and the psyche. Seek support from relatives and friends, tell them what concerns you.

Theme of diseases caused by stress and emotions is widely discussed. Much more interesting is to know the effect of positive emotions on health. Positive and light feelings prolong life and make you happier. Have you noticed that friendly and smiling people have something like a special aura? Anger, envy, sadness, depression – these are states of mind that should be avoided.

Results of the research on how emotions affect the health of the human body, declare that positive minded patients have more chances to recover quickly than those suffering from depression. Also an interesting discovery was made: the state of mutual love strengthens the immune system. So if you are in a happy and harmonious relationship, you are not afraid of viruses and colds! :)

Never hesitate to cry. It’s a great way to relieve stress and release of all accumulated negative emotions. But don’t be excessive! After all, it should be within reasonable limits. Laugh and smile more, giving joy to people around you and prolonging your life.

Positive thinking and desire to be happy give to the body health, immunity and longevity. As we have seen, the effect of positive emotions on health is enormous, and we shouldn’t underestimate this factor. So, joy and health to you!

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