The astral body around planet Earth has baffled scientists for centuries. It has also baffled common people with its mood-affecting properties.

Some people doubt the facts.

Why? Is there any doubt that Moon affects mood swings especially to people born under the zodiac sign of Cancer (the notorious Cancerian full moon moods)? Is there any doubt to anyone’s mind that not everything is as it should be according to the laws of physics and astronomy?

Some other people do not know the facts.

This would be a good time to present the facts. And by the word “facts” we do not mean what NASA accepts in public. We mean what has truly been observed and documented with hard evidence.

NASA may have chosen to refute these pieces of evidence or tried to discredit the people who brought their observations to the public. Nevertheless, they are documented facts. If there is a logical and scientifically acceptable explanation, it’s an open forum for healthy debate.

What are the facts?

Throughout history, there are thousands of observations that seem to indicate that the Moon is not even close to a dead world as we think. With the discovery of the telescope in the Netherlands, people began studying the heavens.

Among the first to use this instrument was none other than Galileo Galilei. And almost immediately, scientists have started reporting weird things about our satellite.


  1. A figure,as acclaimed as Sir John Herschel* reports not only once but in three separate occasions in 1783 and 1821 about strange “occurrences” on the Moon
  2. Another acclaimed scientist of the magnitude of Johann Schroeter** claims to have mapped a 1,200 foot deep crater that he named Linne in 1843, which almost no longer exists
  3. The Royal Astronomical Society of Great Britain has recorded eight reports about various unnatural phenomena from 1794 to 1953, which were never discredited or resolved through scientific methodology
  4. Τhere are at least 200 reports of strange observations that have been confirmed by at least two concurrent independent sources
  5. There are confirmed observations from Russia, Czechoslovakia, France and U.S.A.
  6. Isaac Asimov has proven mathematically that the orbit, size and position of the Moon are not physically or naturally possible.
  7. There are more than 2,500 reports for various situations that have been dismissed by NASA with laughable to childish explanations to say the least
  8. There is an unidentifiable number of reports that have resulted in “strange disappearances” of the people who made them
  9. There is a photograph from Apollo 17 archive that shows three pyramids on the surface of the moon identical to the three big pyramids of Egypt with strange mathematics attached
  10. There are plenty of inexplicable scientific circumstances
  11. The total number of reports for something strange happening on the Moon is growing exponentially

It is only natural to begin thinking. It is only natural to stipulate theories. It is only natural to back your theories with data that will be met with skepticism and criticism. And it is only natural that some data may support one theory, while other data may support another theory. To the author’s humble opinion, it’s only a matter of how each one choses to interpret the data.

Let’s take the following image for example. This is an image that shows something on the surface of the moon.

moon surface man

  1. For some this is a CLEAR and UNDISPUTABLE piece of evidence that there is life on the Moon.
  2. Others choose to wait until there is some OFFICIAL explanation about what is shown in this photograph.
  3. Scientists try to discover what it is by implementing scientific methodology.
  5. A number of people try to find FLAWS and to prove that this is a MANUFACTURED photograph.

Why? Is it a matter of indoctrination? Is it a matter of ego? What is the natural order of things when a photo like this surfaces?

  1. You trust your eyes and your instinct to make your own deductions
  2. You listen to what the officials tell you
  3. You try to find logical and illogical attributes to what the officials say
  4. You dismiss what is different from step A if it’s not solidly proven scientifically.

What each one sees in this photo, is actually what each one believes about the Moon.

If you are a believer, it’s proof. If you are not, it’s anything but a proof. If you have no opinion, you accept what others tell you. If you don’t care, it doesn’t matter what it is anyway. If you are a conspiracy theorist, it makes a field day for you.

No matter what the officials may say, if no explanation is offered based on, fully disclosed for independent verification, solid and undisputable scientific data, each one believes what they want to believe. Hilarious explanations about gaseous clouds and light reflections just won’t cut it anymore.

*   Sir John Herschel is the scientist that discovered Uranus

** Johann Schroeter has been awarded for his astronomical discoveries:

  1. Honorary membership of the Swedish Royal Science Academy
  2. Associate of the Royal Company
  3. The naming of crater 4983 Schroeteria
  4. The naming of crater Schroeter on the visible side of the Moon
  5. The naming of crater Schroeter on Mars
  6. The naming of Schroeter Valley on Moon
  7. The naming of the Schroeter phenomenon


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