What is self-love? This is certainly a question many life coaches will have considered.

No, it’s not about your ego. Nor about being selfish. Self-love is the acceptance and understanding of yourself and of your emotions.

Once you find this kind of love for yourself it will have a major impact on the way that you lead your life. Self-love isn’t about putting yourself at the centre of everything, splashing out on extravagant gifts for yourself or setting unrealistic standards for those around you in regard to their treatment of you. These are just mistakes that people often make in their quest for their one true love; their self-love.

Having the ability to love the self means being able to deal with negative emotions and situations that are unpleasant but inevitable. Instead of thinking, it’s not fair; those with the ability to love themselves don’t overcomplicate matters.

Instead, life coaches encourage that loving yourself means accepting the things that you cannot change, instead focusing energy on what you can.

Cut down on narcissism and vanity and instead work on building meaningful relationships with others and doing meaningful work or activities that are good for the soul.

Banish Unrealistic Expectations

An important part of loving the self comes through the stopping of having unrealistic expectations of yourself. Instead, a person who has love for the self will feel confident to exceed practical expectations that we set through the circumstances dealt to us in life.

This can lead to a state of complete acceptance which has the ability to extend into relationships and connections with other people. Accepting and loving the self makes it easier to accept and love others around us.


At some point, everyone experiences some kind of struggles in their life. Some of these struggles are considered to be more difficult than others and persevering through these struggles in an attempt to overcome them is likely to be tiresome.

However, this is a struggle that is worth it because the result will be that the foundations will be laid in your love for yourself. You’re proving it. With determination to improve areas of your life comes the potential to be the person that you want to be.

The Physical Form

Rather than being solely emotional, self-love is also relevant when it comes to the appreciation of the physical form. So many of us have negative thoughts about our own appearance and this is harmful to our emotional well-being on the whole.

Having self-love means accepting and loving any physical imperfections that we may have. There is no pressure to conform to a widespread standard of beauty.

Learn about Yourself and the World

When self-love is acquired, there is no desire to look back at mistakes and unhappiness. Instead, there will be an inspiration to look forward in life, to empowering choices and possibilities.

This will give you the opportunity to learn more about the world around you. There is so much out there that you do not even know about yet. Take each down your experience as a lesson and be grateful for it.

Self-love is undoubtedly worth investing in but if you feel the need for an additional helping hand, life coaching may just provide you with the boost that you need to succeed.

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