The power of positive thinking can be an amazing ability. Our thoughts can create and they can destroy, so why not use them for good!

As human beings, we downplay the power of positive thinking. This is mainly because we have to witness trauma and heartbreak on a regular basis. Honestly, it seems like negativity has control of us most of the time, and it can be devastating. But this underestimation of positive energy is part of what’s wrong. We just don’t give enough credit to the power of positive thinking.

We can do anything if we think it first!

You may be one of those people who are tired of hearing about the power of positive thinking. But wait! This time I have some science-based hacks that are simple and have credibility. These are not just quirky little sayings to make your day improve. No, these ideas and tips will show you how the positive mindset works. Let me show you how to master this skill.

The start of the day

One of the most important hacks when it comes to mastering positive thinking revolves around the first moments of your day. You must harness the renewed energy of your morning. After you wake up, you must do certain things to jumpstart a good outlook for the remainder of that day.

For instance, it would be wise to step outside and take in the first rays of sunlight, then follow up with a healthy breakfast and plenty of water. Already, you have started with a positive mindset even before you tackle similar hacks. Just remember, the entire mood of the day depends on the first few hours after waking.

Be grateful

It’s still morning. Now, before you do anything else, grab a pen and paper and jot down three things that make you feel grateful. For some, this may not be easy. But what happens if you force yourself to be positive at that given moment? You have to think about three things that really make you happy and there is no way you can remain negative and do so.

Doing this every morning will help you keep a consistent routine of being positive, right after your sun, right after your nourishing first meal, and while drinking that big glass of nice cool water. You have fed your body and mind and you are ready to move forward with the rest of the day. You are welcome. 😊

Spread the happiness

Now that you have written a few things that you are grateful for, send a few thank you notes. It doesn’t matter how you write these notes, just do it. Whether it’s friends, your mother or your business partner, show them how grateful you are to have them in your life.

If you want to make a big impact, write a letter by hand and send it through traditional mail. They will never forget this gesture and it will frame their entire day, thus paying thankfulness forward. Who knows how they may use their joy to do something for others as well.

Practice smiling

As we all know, our moods change with the chemicals in our bodies. Smiling causes chemical reactions on its own. One way to harness the power of the positive mind is to practice smiling. Yes, I mean faking it until you make it. Sometimes this works well.

First off, you have to relax your entire face and let your mouth drop open. Then you gently push each corner of your lips toward your ears. If life is being exceptionally hard lately, this might seem difficult, but after a few tries, it will get easier.

Push and Pull

Now here’s an interesting hack to play with. Positivity works with whatever you’re “pulling” toward you. What this means is that if you are pushing someone away, you begin to think more negatively about them. If you pull them closer, the happier with them you will become. This works in much the same way with dieting and with sales.

In dieting, if you don’t want to eat healthy foods, then you should pull a plate of healthy food toward you and see if your attitude changes toward those foods. The opposite can be done with unhealthy foods. You simply push the plate of unhealthy foods away from you, reducing your chances of indulging in something you shouldn’t.

Break cycles

If you are one who’s developed a bad habit, then the power of positive thinking can help you break this pattern. For instance, if you don’t work out because you like to watch television, then suddenly refuse to watch shows for a while. This break in monotony prompts you to do something different, including physical activities. You are creating a positive mindset in which to change your life. This works with other issues like addictions as well.

Warm and cold

Here’s another trick from the power of positive thinking. Did you know that the ability to warm to new people depends on the temperature of your drink? That’s right, if you are drinking a cold beverage in a rather cool area, it might take you longer to make friends with people than if you were drinking coffee in a warm room. Comfort has a bit to do with making new acquaintances because your comfort level eliminates a small portion of inhibitions.

It seems the temperature of your surroundings and what you are putting into your body affects your ability to be kind and warm. If you wish to stay hard and reclusive then an ice cold drink might do the trick. It’s strange, isn’t it?

Let’s harness the power of positive thinking

You can think positively and so can I. We can all take control of our lives and start using a positive mindset to be happy. There are many other tips and tricks which can strengthen our thoughts giving us the power to change the way we see other people. Yes, we will be unhappy at times, and life will be unfair, but we don’t have to lose the power of positive thinking.

We’re going to need all the help we can get in order to change our world.



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