parallel world travelIn 2002 Nobel Prize winner, American physicist Raymond Davis made a sensational statement: the existence of a parallel world is proved. Neutrino, the smallest particle known to science, exists simultaneously in two worlds: in ours, the material one, and in a parallel one.

Up until the 1930s, scientists used to deny the existence of supernatural forces. It changed in 1930 with the discovery of neutrino particles. In the 1920s during the first experiments on the splitting of the nucleus it turned out that some part of energy disappears to nowhere.

Then young Swiss physicist Wolfgang Pauli suggested a crazy hypothesis: there are particles with no mass, and they can freely depart from the laboratory, without being recorded by physical devices. These particles carry off the missing energy. Pauli was first laughed at, but soon it was found that he was right. The new found particle called “neutrino” had almost no mass and could travel at the speed of light, freely passing through any obstacle. That was a completely new view of space and time. By studying the properties of neutrinos, scientists got a chance to access such things as zero-transportation, an instantaneous movement of objects in space-time (despite Einstein’s theory).

Studies related to the properties of neutrinos are classified in many countries. It is understandable: the first one who will discover the laws of parallel worlds, will get into his hands of a powerful weapon and the key to unlimited power over people, nature and time. Indeed, studies of neutrinos have shown that time travel is a reality.

The laws of fundamental physics say: if an object is moving with the speed of light, time stops for it. That is, if we put a clock in a capsule moving with the speed of light, the hands will stop. And if the capsule is dispersed faster than the speed of light, the hands will start moving in the opposite direction. It was only a theory, but in May 2012 it was proved in practice, when scientists dispersed neutrinos faster than the speed of light and found that the particles overtook the time, i.e. they had reached the destination a few nanoseconds before they started the way!

Another sensational discovery was made by researchers from the University of North Carolina and Rochester. It is known that neutrino is the basic matter which the universe is built of. Earth is permeated by fluxes of neutrinos: every second 10 billion of these particles pass through our body. Scientists were able to establish that neutrinos can transfer information! With the help of neutrino it is possible to instantly send messages to any distance in any environment!

In fact, the first message using neutrino beam has already been transferred. But the transfer took a long time: one word was passing for 2 hours, which is explained by the fact that the neutrino catcher handles only a single particle from 10 billion neutrinos. Scientists believe that over time the process will be greatly accelerated, and the neutrino communications will supersede all other forms of communication.

Maybe that could also explain the phenomenon of clairvoyance? Cosmologists claim that half of the neutrino fluxes in the universe are moving through time in the opposite direction, i.e. they carry information from the future into the past. Perhaps, some people on Earth are capable of receiving this information because of some innate abilities. And we call these people psychics or clairvoyants.

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