Read the story below and answer as spontaneously and quickly as possible.

There are two neighboring islands. In the first one live two men: an uncivilized savage and a civilized man. On the other island, there are several people, among them a girl who is in love and has a relationship with the civilized man.

The girl wants to go to the opposite island to meet her lover. She asks the only boatman of the island how much he wants to take her there. The boatman says that he does not want money and he will take her to the other island if she is naked in the boat.

The girl is shocked… not knowing what to do she goes to the wise man of the island to ask for help. He listens to her story with attention and gives the following advice: “Do what your heart tells you, my child…” So the girl decides to accept the proposal of the boatman in order to meet her beloved man.

So, they go to the other island. But when they arrive, the savage is on the seafront and gets crazy at the sight of the naked woman so he rapes her… At the same moment, the civilized man comes and sees the scene. He goes mad and tells the girl that he does not want her anymore and she must leave immediately…

Evaluate the 5 characters of the story (savage, civilized man, girl, boatman, wise man) from the best to the worst, so that the number 1 is the character that you believe to be the best person in the story and the 5th is the worst of all.


Each character of the story represents a priority in your life:

Savage = how important sex is for you;

Civilized man = importance of other people’s opinion;

Girl = your need for an emotional relationship;

Boatman = your need for earning money;

Wise man = how much you rely on logic.

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  1. Dara

    1. Girl,
    she just wants to see her beloved, she’s desperate, and innocent.
    2. Wise man,
    tells her to make her own choice and stays out of it, but that’s not truly a statement of guidance, just uninvolved and lazy reassurance, how is this wise man even considered as wise if he doesn’t have any practical insight besides “follow your heart!” Its bsically like saying there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if you believe there to be. She followed her heart and it broken up with… Oh the guys a loser, slick move wise man, touché.
    3. Uncivilized Savage
    His actions are the most appalling and least acceptable but NOT surprising by any means, considering his name, I am lead to EXPECT such a savage behavior. “Can’t help himself…” —> because he’s a savage and doesn’t know better.
    4. Civilized man:
    He is not so civilized if he’s judging so harshly, he’s betraying their love if he isn’t willing to consider the “UNCIVILIZED SAVAGE” and the girl/victim WHO HE “has a relationship with.”
    5. BOATMAN,
    ->manipulates his niche (as only boatman on island) and ->exploits girl’s desperation (by asking girl to become vulnerable and exposed) and agree to doing something she is initially uncomfortable with, and (upon arrival) also ALLOWS girl to be raped. There is NO way he could have possibly thought the savage was her beloved because being raped (as the story indicates) means that she wasn’t consenting, and that’s usually no simple or quiet scenario, and it’s doesn’t so easily slip under the radar, aka he probably watched and might have enjoyed the injustice; they had arrived together after all.

  2. Derp

    1. Savage (being a part of nature, corrupted by man)
    2. Boatman (going about his business, offering to help people)
    3. Wiseman (contributed to the next generation)
    4. Civilized man (knows when to walk away)
    5. Girl (should have been carrying a gun on an island with 4 men, she is stupid)

  3. regina

    2-wise man
    3- boatman
    5-civilized man

  4. Jen

    Civilized man
    Boat man

  5. Zaida

    Wise man, girl, savage, boatman, civilzed man

  6. Cyril Joseph

    Wise Man
    Civilized Man

    the girl sacrificed her self-respect and everything relying on her heart on the advise of the wise man to reach for her love, the word savage is a self explanatory word it wasn’t the girls fault, the civilized man should have considered he sacrifice.

  7. P

    I believe the first place goes to the woman, the entire show was run by her heart. The civilized man was both foolish and immature in waiting for her woman to come to him and then coward by judging her after raped by a savage he know existed in the island yet did nothing to govern, put in order, etc. The savage did the only thing he can and knows how to do, being a beast between him and the civilized the blme is to be put on the civilized because knowing the nature of the other one he allowed him to have the same rights as he himself. The wise did his part, took the right choice, we don’t know wheter he knew about the savage lets assume he didn’t. The boatman was the worst of all because he knew what happened in both islands and knew what was hppening and what would happen so he is the shittiest person of all, he just as every character (except the savage, could choose, and chose the worst with full awareness of what it meant).
    1. The Woman.
    2. The Wiseman.
    3. The civilized (foolish, coward and weak).
    4. The savage (If something teaches you life is that the savage does not deserve a chair in the table, its opinion is never to be considered only its presence and nature.
    5. The boat crap man.

  8. P

    BTW, The spanish “corridas de toros” has its origin in the desire of humans to rise over its instinctual parts and through will assert the prevalence of the higher aspects of the mind and the power of will (properly directed emotion) over the lowest orders of functioning.

  9. Robin

    boatman 5
    wise man 4
    civilized man 3
    savage man 2
    girl 1

  10. Tua Manurung

    1) The in Love girl for she believe in her heart and follows it
    2) The uncivilised man for the fact that he does not know what he was doing (therefore uncivilised)
    3) The boatman for taking advantage of some one in need but did draw a line of not raping the girl
    4) The wiseman for not being wise at all. The girl told him the entire story and that’s the only advise he could give her? Could’ve tag along or sign someone to go with her. There were no rule about a “second passenger”!
    5) The civilised man for being a gronk, a dog, a heartless man, a lower level of scumbag.

  11. syd

    the savage is less brutal to me because…he is a savage , has no concept in right or wrong. hes a wild man . he didnt intend to or not to purposely hurt another, living off pure instinct for survival.

  12. Rija

    1. Wise man
    2. Boatman
    3.Civilized Man

  13. Monker Monkerson

    1. Wise Man – He doesn’t think there is anything wrong with paying for a service with nudity, otherwise he would have objected.
    2. Girl – the girl willingly got naked in public as payment for a service
    3. Boatman – the boatman was a sexual deviant/pervert and did nothing to stop the rape.
    4. Civilized Man – Witnessing a rape in progress and not doing anything to stop it is unacceptable. But putting ones selfish needs before the rapees feelings is even worse.
    5. Savage – No explanation needed

  14. logic 88

    Wise man
    Boat man
    Civilized Man

    The savage belongs at the 2 spot because logic would tell you that he would react how he did. He stayed true to his name you could not expect anything less of him.

  15. Deillum

    1. Wise man – He gave an advice , a good one .

    2. Savage – This is his nature . You cannot blame something wild for being wild .

    3. The boatman – He proposed a trade ( transport for nudity ) and the girl accepted it . He did not force her into anything .

    4. The girl – She is naive and she did not ” think twice before you slice ” .

    5. Civilized man – He gave up on a someone , who needed help . This is the worst thing that one might do .

    We should all be responsible for our choices . Even the ( seemingly ) most insignificant of choices , can change everything for everyone .

  16. Abhi

    1. Girl
    2. Boatman
    3. Savage
    4. Civilized Man
    5. Wise Man

    i agree with Nancy because first is that Girl was pure .2. boatman give girl choice rather than force her. 3. Savage because You can expect him to do bad deed. 4 Civilized man because he should accept her, she was loyal. love is not sex. 5. Wise man because . Wise man means wise advice. his a wise-full advice could change all scenario.

  17. Sarah

    1. Wise man
    2. Girl
    3. Civilised man
    4. Savage
    5. Boatman

    the boatman was just a creep… ._.

  18. Zina

    Wise man
    Civilized Man

  19. schytt phuk

    1 Wiseman
    2 girl
    3 boatman
    4 savage (because he doesn’t necessarily know right from wrong)
    5 civilized (because he should know better than to blame the victim)

  20. krishan

    1. WISE MAN
    2. GIRL
    4. SAVAGE
    5. BOATMAN

  21. Mainak

    Can have only the following ans:
    1. Girl (she knew the risk – to lose what she desires most, she chose to go to her love despite the chance of losing it – sacrifice and courage – the most difficult thing to do)
    2. The Savage (He follows his instincts and natural emotions. Not bound by logic and a social sense, he does without fear or shame, because he knows none – at worst he is innocent as nature – may be like an animal who kills meat)
    3. Wise Man (He avoided the trouble of a responsibility by giving a simplistic advice – he could have confronted the boatman – he could have given a wiser advice than telling her to do ‘what she feels like’)
    4. Civilized Man (He chose to overlook the depth of her helplessness and her love. His choice his others’ opinion in a forsaken island. He wears a mask. His need for pride is as naked as the savage’s needs. He is a hypocrite and his love is a lie)
    5. Boatman (The world suffers most for these kind. A greedy opportunist. Someone who doesn’t take responsibilities for his own actions. Knows no respect and self-serving)

  22. rj

    1) wise man – he gave sound advice
    2) savage – doesn’t know better and cant control self
    3) women – she made a bad decision to go naked.
    4) civilized man – even though he didn’t love her he still was wrong in his aproach to the situation.
    5) boatman – his greedy pleasure cause it all to happen.

  23. Ederson Ramsundar

    1.Girl – Whatever she did was out of pure love

    2.Wiseman- Gave the best advice he could because at the end of the day it is up to the girl to know what her heart is saying

    3.Boatman- He doesn’t need money if he just wants the girl to be naked on the boat…. so he is very perverted

    4.Civilized man- Never succumb to other people’s judgements beside your own

    5.Savage- There is simply no excuse for RAPE

  24. Mel

    1. Girl: She was in love with someone she could only see from afar, and her love was so pure that she would have done anything to obtain what made her heart happy. It’s not like she didn’t look before she lept…she sought advice from a Wiseman.

    2. Savage: I do not condone what he did, but he is a savage afterall and cannot help his disposition. There is a saying: “God forgives fools, for they not know what they do”. He is a creature of instinct and acted on a desire. His actions were disgusting, but he is what he is.

    3. The Boatman: He can be seen as a depraved man for requesting the girl to be naked as payment for the trip, but…..he could be a very lonely man (being a seafaring individual), and all he required was to see something he probably would never experience in any other time in his life. Life on the sea is a rough life devoid of love. And in the presence of a naked woman, he did not touch her the whole trip. He gave the girl an option which she accepted, so he isn’t so bad.

    4. The Civilized Man: It was said that he and the girl were in a relationship across the distance. He knows fully well that she came to see him, and saw that she was raped and wasn’t giving herself up to the Savage. I can understand his heart was broken, but imagine how she felt coming to see her love then getting turned away by the man she sacrificed so much for. He is a horrible person, and in my opinion, much worse than the Savage. He should have ran to her and try to heal her emotions with love. But he showed that his love wasn’t true and that he really isn’t civilized.

    5. The Wiseman: Easily the worst person in this story by far. If he is wise, then he should have evaluated the situation and came to a consenscious that everything that happened would have come to pass, then warn the girl of his conclusion. Also, he should have saw the Boatman for himself to have a conversation and make him see the spiritual error of his request. I would even go as far to say that he could have paid the Boatman himself to not take the girl on that trip alone and had him pick up the civilized man and bring him back to the island with everyone else to be apart of the society. But he wrote the girl’s dilemma off easily. His advice was nice, but wasn’t the right advice to give when there was so much to consider.

  25. Dionne

    The wise man for letting the girl decide ; The girl. She had no option but to ride naked to get there ; The boat man for only giving the girl a ride if the girl was naked;the civilized man for not accepting the girl once she was raped; the savage for rapping the girl

  26. laurie t

    1. Wise man. Guides, but final decision your own
    2. Uncivilized man. Rape is a LEGAL term. Sexual intercourse is nature, at its most primitive from.
    3. Boat man. Just a pervert, looking for self gratification. Like most of us!
    4. Civilized man. Judgmental perhaps, but knows what he does not want in his life.
    5. Girl. She ignored her own moral standards for a man. When we ignore what we know to be our OWN truth, we sell ourselves short.

  27. Watts

    1.Wise Man – Gave Non Biased Non Judgmental advice
    2.Boat man – Propositioned a deal, Never forcing her to do it, she made the decision. New what he wanted
    3.Woman- Willing to do whatever to see he man she loved but at what cost
    4.Civilized man- Judges Judge, destined to be alone and deserves to be
    5.Uncivilized man- No excuse for rape, condemned women and gave up what he thought was justified. No man has the right to in force his own perception of justice Ignorance is not an excuse either

  28. Heather

    1. Wisemen -offered her to listen to her own moral heart.
    2. Girl -Motivated by love for another
    3. Civilized Man- quick to judge without knowledge
    4. Savage- inexcusable, even for lack of civilization. Acted on Animal instinct
    5. Boatman- despicable to have such a request.

  29. Chris

    1 – Girl (She was stupid for agreeing to be naked with a man she didn’t know who would be taking her on a boat away from everyone else. Still, I dislike her the least as being stupid isn’t a reason to hate her.)
    2 – Wise Man (Is actually not wise at all. Should have known that the girl going out to sea with a man she didn’t know who demanded she be naked is clearly dangerous. Is either foolish or cruel and gave useless advice.)
    3 – Boat Man (Repulsive person who would make a girl strip down naked instead of letting her pay him. He knew she wanted to be with her love so bad that she’d agree out of desperation, and he still went along with it.)
    4 – Civilized Man (His ‘love’ was abused and raped, all because she wanted to be with him. After all her hardships he disregards her, making her suffering even worse. A betrayal of love and human decency, a disgusting person.)
    5 – Savage Man (Rape is always unacceptable. If he is acting on instinct and ‘can’t help it’ then he should be put down just like any other animal that would be killed if it is a threat to humans. If something is unintentionally a threat that is no excuse to let it exist at the cost of innocent people who do no harm.)

  30. Dominick Pierre

    5.civilized man

  31. Tina Gregoria

    -the Boatman- he’s just doing his job.
    -the Wiseman- he gave sound advice,but it’s ultimately up to her.
    -the Girl- she does whatever she can do to get to her true love.
    -the Savage- he knows what he wants and does what he wants,no matter the consequences.
    -the Civilized Man- I don’t blame him,but he should have listened to Her before banishing her away.

  32. JayD

    1) Boatman – If he wants a naked girl on his boat, I got no beef with that. He didn’t force her to do anything.
    2) Girl – She’s like a naive child who can’t make up her own mind
    3) Wiseman – I just think he gave pretty shoddy advice
    4) Civilized man – He should’ve at least figured out what was going on instead of acting like a raging asshole
    5) Savage – To me he’s like a rabid dog and rabid dogs are dangerous and should be eliminated

  33. R B

    wise – gives good advice
    girl – trades on her sexuality
    boatman – initiates trade on sexuality
    savage – rapist: negation/violation of freewill
    civilized – imputes immorality to unconsentual victimhood. blames freewill for the opposite of its desire. basically the equivalent of declaring her a non-being. Negation of being. Unrecognizes her freewill.

  34. Jay

    Girl – Does what she has to do in order to get to the man she loves
    Wise Man – Sound Advice
    Boatman – Kind of a douche
    Savage – A bigger douche in need of a good punch in the throat.
    Civilized man – Does not bother to allow any explanation, simply reacts like a moron and in so doing not only throws away love but breaks the girls heart.

  35. Hello

    1) Savage – He did exactly what he is and is expected
    2) Wise man – Gave advise as best as he knows how
    3) Boatman – Exploited the girl for his sexual desires
    4) Civilized Man – Doesn’t truly loves her
    5) Girl – Needs to grow up – learn creative thinking to find a solution that keeps her out of trouble. The chain of events began with her choice. Not saying that I condone rape when a woman is naked. But if you throw yourself in a cage of hungry lions what do you think is going to happen?

  36. ARH

    Best to worst:
    1) The girl. To her, the temporary embarrasment of being seen naked was worth seeing the man she loved, and the only way she could. It took courage and sacrifice to do something that meant a lot to her, even under unfair circumstances.
    2) The wise man. His advice was ok, but more should have been taken into more consideration, especially considering what ended up happening. “Follow you heart” is probably what he lazily replies to every question.
    3) The boat man. It was good of him to take her to the island, but he was a creep for requiring her to be naked. This wasn’t necessary at all.
    4) The civilized man. He had absolutely no sensitivity or compassion whatsoever for what the woman went through only because she wanted to see him. Considering what the girl did versus what the savage did, and the fact that the savage experienced no consequences whatsoever as the girl must have felt misguided, exploited, violated and now heartbroken, the civilized man was being very cruel and unfair. Still, it’s possible he eventually looked back at his behavior and regretted it.
    5) The savage. For being a rapist.

  37. M

    did anyone notice that there’s a bridge in the picture???

  38. shannon

    wise= logical, civil=just being himself, boat=regular guy, girl=dumb but in love, savage=savage.

    1. R B

      I don’t think you are supposed to interpret the civilized as ‘just being himself’. He is supposed to represent motivations based on socially imposed expectations. In other words, he rejected her cuz OTHER ppl think she is nasty/dirty, not cuz he does.

      If you think he decided based on his own judgment that defeats the purpose of the test.

  39. lucas halcrow

    1’being the old wise man because he gave her the advice of doing what you want to do.2’the girl cause she took her god given right to do what she felt and wanted to do.3’the uncivalized man because he was only acting on pure instinct he has no sense of right and wrong being uncivalized and all.4 the civalized man because he has no understanding of how important it is to do what you want to do he has no compassion no acknolegment of understanding he is a slave to what he feels other people should feel for him,he has no right to expect anything from another being apart from himself. And no5 is of course the boat man for putting somebody in a situation which might possibly be an uncomfortable moment in that persons life caused only and solely by him.there is such a thing in life and I know that not many people know this but there is a one and only true right and wrong and everybody should!!and does know what it is even if they trick themselves into pretending they don’t, that boat man ignored his own human decency and forced that girl into having to make a choice that would put her in an uncomfortable situation when he had an opportunity to make her choice that she made a positive one but instead he sent her on a path of very unfortunate events.

    uncivilized man Because he had no sense of what right and wrong is and he only did what came instinctively to him.4 the

  40. Beth

    1 – girl: she would do whatever to get to the man she loved – she was naive (it did say she was young, right?) and had no idea what might happen – experience means everything in these situations – (and these things happen all the time exactly)
    2 – savage: I assumed he was “crazy” (lunatic, psychopath, etc) and probably did not know right from wrong, so how can he really be rated??
    3 – Civilized man: he was thinking too fast, jealous, did not know the background & might have changed his mind
    4 – Boatman – He probably knew it was a bad idea and what could happen – he WAS the “boatman” – hadn’t he made the trip before? – I pictured a dirty old man
    5 – Wise man – If he was that wise, he would not have told her to “go with her heart” – dumb, dumb, dumb – that ALWAYS gets you in trouble – you should go with your heart AND your head – together – a truly wise man would have told her THAT

  41. vbvb

    Girl – Just trying to do what her heart desires
    Savage – He’s a savage, so he does what his heart desires – also, can’t have high expectations for him…
    Boatman – So he’s a prick, but again, can’t have high expectations.
    Wiseman – Crap advice. If he’s wise, he should foresee the girl getting into trouble with either the savage or the boatman himself. He should tell her to get a friend to go along with her, or should intercede directly with the boatman. For a wise-man, I have higher expectations.
    Civilized – Higher expectations again – help her you fucking prick…!

  42. Artemis

    1. Girl
    2. Wise man
    3. Civilized man
    4. Boatman
    5. Savage

    Sounds about right, going by the interpretation…

  43. wkennedy

    So the girl pregnant next generation is savage and the boatman wasn’t asked to take the guy to girl. Seems a female must have made story as it was from girls perspective view.

  44. Helen

    This has the potential to be a great quiz, but the answers (apart from the girl’s) make no sense. 1. How does the boatman represent ‘the need for earning money’ when he never actually asks the girl for money? 2. Equating sex and rape as the same thing is ridiculous (and for a for the psychologist who wrote this, even more appalling). According to this quiz, sex isn’t important to you, if you don’t condone rape… 3. The wise man is how much you value logic? “Do what your heart tells you” doesn’t strike me as logical advice. 4. What does other people’s opinion have to do with turning away someone who loves you, over something that wasn’t their fault? No one else was there or saw what happened.

  45. Vivian

    1. Girl (She is willing to do just about anything to see the person she loves, which is a great quality to have. She is obviously a good person.)

    2. Savage (He literally doesn’t know any better.)

    3. Wiseman (He should have given the girl more practical advice, or at least a warning. He seems very arrogant as well…)

    4. Civilized man (The last 2 are about equal for me. He is a jerk, but what he did is more justified than what the boatman did, in my opinion.)

    5. Boatman (Ugh, he’s a creep that manipulates the girl which ends in her rape and heartbreak. I blame him for the entire situation.)

  46. no

    this is such a stupid test. The savage raped her. Why would I put that anywhere above the last spot on my list.

  47. Amsyar

    I see.. emotional relationship is everyone need.

  48. Anonymous

    1. Boatman. He probably gets the situation and wants the girl to see how impatient her lover is.
    2. Wise man. He at least gave the girl some advice, and could have potentially had background knowledge on the situation.
    3. Girl. She just did what she did, and she followed her heart. I would think that her heart would have probably been saying something more like, “Ok, I’ll show you what he’s really like, now don’t go and hurt yourself again after this” if the whole subconscious emotional connection thing held up and she still had parts of herself reading her lover.
    4. Civilized man. To some extent, I can understand how shocked he would be, but where is his compassion, and will he not hear her out first before abandoning his lover? (In several ways, this makes him the most disgusting character of all.)
    5. Savage man. He was just doing what he wanted, not that I agree with him doing that at all! 🙁 At least he helped instigate the situation which would make the girl see how impatient her lover is, but still…

  49. ALB


  50. Ericka

    hmm. I got..
    1.Wise Man
    2.The Boatman
    3.The Savage
    4.The civilized man
    5.The girl

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