Have you ever said things like, “the world is against me?” You may not have said it, but I bet you’ve felt this way at times. Life is hard.

It’s easy to feel like the whole world is out to get you sometimes, especially when negative things happen back to back, or you have arguments with multiple people in a close timeframe. It can actually feel like the sky is caving in on you.

And yes, some think really bad thoughts when they’re overwhelmed like this. But know, you are not alone in this tremendous feeling. I feel like this a lot of the time.

Why do I feel like the world is against me?

The reason you feel this way when things go wrong is because of your mindset. That’s right, your entire way of thinking is set to feel this way during pressure, and this happens for various reasons. When the vice closes in tighter on your brain, others become instant enemies and the world seems to have no purpose.

Now, I get to tell you something good. The way you’re thinking with this negative mindset is absolutely wrong, and it can be changed. The world is not against you. So, what can we do when feeling like this?

1. Be more active

Yeah, I’ve been there.

I sit and think everybody is planning heinous acts and the world is against me, but that’s exactly the problem. I am sitting and thinking about all sorts of things for too long. I’m not moving anything but the cogs in my brain, and they’re working overtime. If you’re already physically active, then maybe amp it up a little.

Exercise really is the answer to so many things, and this is one way to handle your stinky mindset. When you feel like they’re all coming to get you, start running. Well, you can start off walking first, and then build up to other exercises. It helps keep the negative mind busy, thus transforming it to a more positive state.

2. These ‘attacks’ will pass

This advice right here is what I’m holding onto today, this day that I feel the world is against me will not last forever. For the past several weeks I’ve fought with multiple people. I feel as though no one understands me sometimes, or better yet, they misunderstand me, leading to anger which is construed as defensiveness.

So, there comes a point during these episodes, I have to just remember that this, like many other things before, will pass. What’s right will be revealed in its own time, as changes occur.

3. Take a step back

When that dark feeling of despair comes upon you, stop raging against the world! Yes, just stop talking, stop trying to rationalize, and stop apologizing for whatever happened.

Remember, you may never see eye to eye with certain people. When waging war with others, trying to prove some point or explain yourself is sometimes pointless. Try being quiet just ending the conversation. Take a step back, and let things settle for a while.

4. Read about problems

There are so many books that talk about the various problems and hurts of the world. Whatever you’re going through, there’s a book written specifically on that topic, and it could shine a light on what you can do.

Instead of getting stuck thinking the world hates you, read about the various grievances occurring in your life right now. Maybe you can find an answer on those pages.

5. Let pain make changes

When I feel like the world is against me, I am in some of the worst pain in my life. So often this pain worsens my depression and anxiety. Does this make the world a better place? Of course, it doesn’t. It makes things much worse. But I think I’ve stumbled upon one of the most obvious solutions to being an enemy of the world.

Why not let your pain guide you in the right direction. We don’t usually do this because when pain leads us to the right decision, we don’t want to make that decision. Unfortunately, we stay in the same place and deal with the same things because we’re afraid of the pain. But only through this pain can some positive changes occur.

6. Don’t stop living

When I say “don’t stop living”, I don’t mean physically. I mean, don’t let negative things steal the fullness of your life. You had dreams before you felt this way, so press into those dreams and try your best to reach goals despite the darkness and the toxic people in your life.

The world isn’t against you. What’s happening is those toxic people are changing you into someone you don’t recognize, an enemy to the world. You have to cut those puppet strings used by toxic people and live a real life.

7. Watch something inspirational

If you watch television at all, find something that inspires you to get moving. You can forget about your problems for a couple of hours and learn how someone else has become a better person, and how they’ve changed their opinion of the world they live in.

Find something that truly speaks to your heart and listen to the steps taken to improve the world around them, and helped them improve themselves.

8. Get some rest

Many times our bitterness builds to unprecedented levels because we are worn out.  I often think the world is against me too when I’m exhausted.

If you have insomnia, this makes loving life a little difficult. Do what you need to do in order to get a good night’s rest. Take a nap during the day, or you can simply refuse to do any housework all day long. Set aside this day as a time of rest. Relax and just try to let your body and mind recuperate.

9. Retain your self-worth

Maybe you’re not feeling like the best version of yourself lately, but it’s okay. When you start thinking the whole world is against you, sometimes criticisms and judgments start sticking to your self-esteem.

The best way to fortify your self-worth is by strengthening the positive things about yourself, reminding yourself about past good deeds, and understanding completely that you are not your failures. You are not what others think of you.

10. Stop assumptions

So, the world is against you? Well, maybe you’re wrong. Making the assumption that most people dislike you and things will never go your way is a sure way to make sure these things come true.

You could actually be creating the things you dread the most by thinking incorrectly. So, instead of assuming that they’re out to get you, assume that things always get better. They really do.

11. Give back

It might sound counteractive, but when I think the world is against me, then I give back to the world. So, spend time in nature, plant a tree, a garden, or just enjoy the presence of nature itself. Nature has the incredible ability to make you rethink things.

Nature can uncloud the mind and pull tension from the body. Take your shoes off, ground yourself in the earth of the world, and then see the full effect of what nature can do. Try this soon.

So, is the world against me?

Well, let’s see, no, I don’t think the world hates me, and I don’t think it hates you either. Maybe you’ve become trapped in this difficult mindset. Many of you may be struggling with these feelings and curled up in a dark place feeling alone, but it’s okay to come out.

I think that we have the capacity to become better people and happier people. Let’s try again to see the world as a good place, despite the things that happen and how we see ourselves. Who knows, there may be more people on your side than you know. And hey, don’t forget to find something that makes you laugh.


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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Antonio Farfan-Fiorani

    Dear Sherrie Hurd, A. A.,

    You are “worng”,
    1.- “Medicine is a science of uncertainty,
    and an art of probability.”
    Sir William Osler
    2.- “Who teaches us to be normal when
    we’re one of a kind?”
    Sydney Barrett, “Legion”
    3.- “How do you evaluate the risk of
    not doing something?”
    “Zero Dark Thirty”
    4.- “You.know what?
    I am done!
    You had your chance!”
    David Haller, “Legion”
    5.- “Trust No One”
    “The X Files”
    6.- “ABSOLUTE Terror Field”
    “Neon Genesis Evangelion”
    7.- “Preemptive Strike”
    Sadly, “Nuff Said!”

    Antonio Farfan-Fiorani, MD

    Stay Safe and Healthy

  2. Sherrie Hurd, A.A.

    You too

    If I continue to think there is no hope, then no hope there will be. I keep pushing toward’ the light, and I keep grasping for meaning.

    It doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. It’s downright heart wrenching to do. Yeah, that “trust no one” gets me good. I haven’t given up just yet.

  3. dead inside

    the world may not be against you, but it sure as hell is against me, my parents wont let me try anything and tonigght i decided to give up on the stupid things i want if there’s no way they’ll let me try the things i wanted to try, then there’s no point in doing it, so might as well give up.

    god i wish they were in a retirement home so i could get what i want! cant wait til lthat day!

    and screw the world, i tried to change it, but screw it, it’s done, i dont care anymore. thanks world!

  4. Sherrie Hurd, A.A.

    You know, I hate when my comments are late. I am sorry for that. If you’re listening, I’m here. I absolutely think the world is against me too sometimes, but I promise you, it’s not. I’ve been to that edge, I’ve tried pushing myself off of it too, but something caught me and pushed me back.

    I don’t know anything about your parents, but I hope there is some love there. I hate broken families. It just tears me apart when I fight with my oldest son, and he tells me he doesn’t need me to help him anymore.

    I think, at least most parents, don’t want us to try things because they’re afraid we will get hurt. Maybe they’ve done these same things. Maybe they never tell anyone they did, including you. And, maybe they failed at these things and think you will too. Yes, it’s an assumption, but some people mean well and seem like crappy people.

    It’s kind of harsh to wish your parents into a retirement home to get what you want. If you want something they are against, but it’s something you believe is right, then you may have to set a goal to move away. And yet, it all depends on what you want. If you want to purposefully harm yourself, please try hard not to do that. You’re needed in this world, we all are.

    Yeah, I say it too. SCREW the world. Yes, I do. But do I care?

    Hey, don’t tell anybody, but yes, I do. I know it’s dark, so deep and dark, but look, there is hope yet. Just hang in there. Just do it. Just sleep, just brood, just go for a walk, just endure. Because, if you don’t then you might miss something extra awesome tomorrow. Yeah, I know. I sound so cliche. But I don’t mean to.

    good luck and blessings to you.

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