Even though we are living in a time when we can use every opportunity and apply for any job we want, there still are many people who hate their jobs.

Some people are sure that everything is going as it is supposed to be. Others are not ready to move to another place or, basically, don’t know what exactly they want. Therefore, the freedom of choice turns into a cage capturing job hunters all over the world.

The saddest thing is that people occupying basic positions (the average salary, 5 working days per week with a couple of weeks per year for vacation) tend to spend 70% of their time (not considering sleep) doing something that they frankly hate!

This perspective doesn’t seem to be attractive. Still, more and more people are getting unsatisfied with their jobs. Let’s sort out the reasons for this phenomenon.

1. Wrong Job

Sometimes job hunters, especially young ones and graduates, tend to apply for jobs that are not good for them from the very beginning. In such cases, inexperienced job seekers think they have just got their last chance and decide to get this job, no matter what.

However, they don’t realize that applying for a dream job could help them facilitate the application process and give them chances to enjoy their work every day.

Usually, the reason is so simple: they just cannot cope with resume writing. Actually, when you see your best qualities enumerated in a resume, you believe that you deserve this position.

2. Ignoring

Some people who used to take up leadership positions experience a lack of attention. Of course, it is really disappointing if no one pays attention to your opinion and suggestions. Therefore, employees who are being ignored eventually start hating their colleagues and their job.

3. Being Put in Frames

Many job hunters get disappointed with the strict requirements they have to admit. Most of the recruiters don’t encourage creative and outstanding personalities who are ready to improve and bring something new to the working process.

Thus, most of the employees feel uncomfortable being forced to follow silly rules and protocols.

4. Awful Team

Sometimes the team you are working in really has value as it creates an atmosphere that influences your attitude and productivity. It happens if your personalities don’t fit.

However, it is really awful when colleagues start weaving plots or throwing you over the bridge – working then becomes impossible and employees again start hating their jobs.

5. Obnoxious Boss

In some cases, this issue plays a decisive role and can force some people to leave a job. Either your boss is a real devil ready to drive you crazy or a daddy’s son who can’t make a decision of his own, working with him makes you exhausted and irritated. Thus, a dream job turns into a living hell for you.

6. Boring Job

It happens when a job seems to be flawless on the surface and promises you sky-high prospects.

However, when it comes to performing duties and getting involved in a working process, employees realize that this position is the most boring one in the entire Universe. Of course, there is no desire to wake up at 6 a.m., get to work in a crowded subway, and sincerely smile at your boss.

7. Horrible Schedule

If the job doesn’t fit your lifestyle and requires 99% of your spare time, it automatically makes you hate this position and everything that relates to it. Therefore, it is obvious that the flexible schedule really makes sense.

8. Lack of Motivation

People who don’t see any purpose in their work tend to hate their job a hundred times more, as the efforts and time they spend doing senseless work aren’t supported by a substantial outcome.

9. Being out of Comfort Zone

Sometimes, a sick feeling in our stomach defines that we are in the wrong place. If this feeling catches you when you are about to enter your working place, it is better to run away from it. Otherwise, you will start hating your job soon.

10. Unsuitable Policies

If the field your company occupies or the policies it stands for doesn’t appeal to you, you are likely to be dissatisfied with your job. In this case, you may feel like you are forced to do something wrong, betraying your principles and desires.

If you were nodding your head while reading this article, then you must hate your job. In this case, it is better to race to your boss, grab your documents (as well as the cactus from your desk) and start looking for your dream job that will meet all your wishes and requirements!

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  1. Cris

    During my past job, the horrible schedule is what I hated the most. We had to change schedules every two weeks, and in some occasions, I had to be called during a day off. We can’t always quit jobs we hate – but we could always work around things we dislike. I suggest compromising with your boss before giving a resignation letter.

  2. Marc Mendelman

    There are many business owners, CEO’s, managers, etc, that simply focus on the numbers their employees return at the end of the month. They have never heard of the expression “employee engagement” or if they had, they implement it forcefully, mechanically. At the bottom line, they end up with dissatisfied employees and turnover. I’m so happy I’m lucky enough to work with people that value trust, communication and collective work.

  3. Brock

    This is incredibly relevant and informative. As someone who is unsure about his work, this has truly helped me gather all of the information I need to make an informed decision. Thank you so much for helping me recognize what is causing me to be dissatisfied with my employment. Continue to create articles like this; I’d love to read them.

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