Free spirits are people who live and think freely without conforming to societal norms. And there are some things they do differently than everyone else.

Before we talk about who free spirits are, consider this. It has been said that there are two main types of people in the modern world. The first type includes those who are the products of their own social engineering (and, of course, they probably don’t even realize it either).

These are the people who follow things; such as popular clothing brands, the latest technology and popular music. However, there are many other things which could fit this list.

The other kind of people is those who live and think freely without conforming to these societal norms. Instead, they think for themselves about what they want to do and believe without others telling them otherwise. These people are called free spirits.

The expression free spirit has been defined as ‘an independent or uninhibited person.’ Free spirited people live their life with no restraint or boundaries of where they can go or what they can do, they follow their dreams.

Here is a short list of things that free spirits do differently than most people:

1. They don’t follow the crowd.

As previously mentioned, free spirit is defined as an uninhibited person. So with that being said, those who have a free spirit don’t follow the crowd (which, of course, is obvious). Instead, they observe what’s around them and make their own decisions based on what they’ve seen and felt; not what others have told them that they need to believe or feel.

These people tend to reject anything which is considered to be popular by the rest of society. This means that they often reject popular music, fashion and media. Of course, these people may be seen as ‘weird’ or ‘strange’ by others, but the same is true for the way free spirits view the rest of society.

2. They are not afraid of pursuing their own passions/dreams (even if it is far-fetched)

Free spirits have the courage and the passion to follow their dreams no matter how impossible or ‘crazy’ it may seem to those looking in on their lives. Of course, as a free spirit, you may not know what your dreams and passions really are.

However, this is okay as you’re able to spend the time needed on truly finding out what they are. It doesn’t matter whether other people understand what you may be going for or how long it takes either the only important thing is that you’re not afraid to pursue it. This is what it truly means to be free and those with this mindset are the best at pursuing it.

3. They know how to live in the moment

It’s easier said than done to fully live in the moment 100% of the time. Of course, people spend a lot of time in their own head thinking about different unimportant things (we all do it, this is unavoidable).

However, those with a free spirit know and understand the importance of the little things in life. They realize that living in the moment is important, even if the only thing you do is notice how beautiful the weather is outside.

Free-spirited people know that once you stop worrying about trivial things, your reactions to daily life becomes much more authentic.

So if you believe you fit this description of free spirits, go on and embrace that uniqueness. Don’t let other brain-dead consumers of mainstream media change you. When you break free from the constraints of modern society, you experience life in all its fullness how it is meant to be, embrace this.

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  1. free your mind

    “…the first type includes those who are the products of their own social engineering…”
    What people might think are their own beliefs are mostly garnished from outside, deliberate social engineered constructs. Many think their attitudes and social mores are of their own choosing, but most come from outside, delberately engineered culture. Our culture is deliberately infused from highly paid professional social engineers and their various “think-tanks” such as the Frankfurt School and Tavistock Institute. Public schools are little more than indoctrination centers, sad but true. The latest examples are the obnoxious neo-feminists, and anti-white priviledge. This is all deliberately injected social programming, by Cultural Marxists.
    – Think for yourself!

    1. PETERS

      Watch TV series “Utopia” and aswer the same question as in the drama – what if the enemy is right?

      1. Oshadi Devi

        Free spirits also know intuitively how to find joy and surprise in even the most mundane of events and activities. As well, they enjoy celebrating themselves, in every way, even their own special, perfectly imperfect flaws.

        By the way many “free spirits” are social introverts.

  2. Andrea Boggan

    I don’t care what others think of me. When you care what others think of you, you become their slave. I do what I want, say what I want, and am my own person. I think being nice is nothing more than social rules that people wear as masks to cover who they truly are. Kindness is in the heart, and out of the heart a person produces their treasure.

  3. mustafa


  4. Isaiah

    You made my day with this post. All my life I’ve felt different from society and have wandered aimlessly through it not knowing my purpose. 2020 has opened my eyes completely to who my true self is and I have reveled in the fact that I am uniquely different and there are others like me out there! Free Spirits are the best!

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