Life is not constant. The world around us changes constantly. How we develop our situations depends largely on how we perceive life.

It is how we respond to our situations that matter. There is nothing like a bad experience. It is just that we are either too narrow-minded or too intolerant to see the brighter sides of an experience.

When we forget this universal truth of life, we tend to make mistakes that hurt us. To avoid making your life worse, you need to stop doing these 10 things:

1. Losing Hope

Sometimes we give up in the face of adversary. Remember that nothing is permanent in life. There are good times and there are bad times. There are joys and there are sorrows.

It is a package that comes with a bundle of happiness and pain. Never lose hope even and keep trying your best. Your chance of success could be just around the corner no matter how many times you have failed earlier.

2. Dwelling in the Past

We all have a past that we cannot change. What we can change are our present and situations that develop from it. Life is about living in the moment and letting go of the nasty memories of your previous life.

So, snap out of your past and start living your present. Life is too beautiful to waste on the things you cannot change.

3. Living in Denial

Too often, we hurt our lives by living in denial. Self-improvement begins by accepting the bitter truth of your life. By keeping yourself under self-delusion, you tend to deprive yourself of a chance of making your life better and meaningful. Do not let your “self-imposed” ego hurt your life by keeping yourself in illusion.

4. Escaping from Fears

Being brave is not about being fearless. It is about facing your fears and using them for self-improvement. Fears are like best friends that indicate our weak areas. We need to embrace them and use them to develop those untapped parts of our being.

5. Expecting Life to Be Perfect

Life is not perfect and this is what makes it beautiful. One day you feel on top of the world while the other day you are in your worst mood.

Expecting life to be the same all the time kills that thrill that comes with its unpredictable nature. There is something special about achieving your goals against all the odds than having success on a plate.

6. Regretting Your Mistakes

Regretting your mistakes won’t do any good for your life. Mistakes are part of our life and they pave the way for improvement. They provide us with an opportunity to look at the undeveloped facets of our personality.

So, it does not make a difference when you repent your mistakes. What can make a difference is admitting your mistakes and using them to make you a more balanced person.

7. Losing Balance in Life

Balance is the secret of a successful life. There is no joy in riding your favorite bike while you are diagnosed with a slipped disc. Shopping gives no pleasure when your mind is occupied with financial stress.

Similarly, you do not find any happiness in your promotion if you have a divorce notice waiting back at home. Only a balanced life is worth living. Think about it.

8. Building up Negativity

We all go through bad patches of life that leave us with their residual effects. However, life is too short to dwell on bad experiences. It is about letting go of the bitterness and embracing the beautiful things of life. Be thankful to God for this precious life and let go of the things you cannot change.

9. Living in Bad Memories

Our worst memories tend to fade out with time, as famously said, “Time Is a Great Healer.” Rather than repenting about the things of your past, look at the things you have. Everything happens for a reason.

There is all likelihood that you get better things in life. Let the time take its course to heal your pain and build new memories that you can cherish later in life.

10. Spoiling Your Life for Others

Remember that you cannot make anyone happy if you are not happy with your life. To make others happy, you first have to give yourself a priority. Take out time for yourself and make deliberate efforts to spend some “me” time or say NO even if it means being “self-centered” or “selfish” for others.

Stop doing these 10 things and you will soon be back in the happy phase of your life.

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  1. harinder singh bawa

    Good concepts n practical tips for happy life

  2. Priya Patel

    This post was so nourishing and refreshing!! We all need these reminders from time to time.

  3. CurtisA

    What a nice post! Regretting your mistakes won’t do any good for your life. Mistakes are part of our life and they pave the way for improvement. They provide us with an opportunity to look at the undeveloped facets of our personality.

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