All too often we are told the things we need to do, and the things we need to give up in order to achieve some person we are being molded to be.

While some of these events are valid, there are many times where people do not know what is best for your life, or your circumstances. When it comes to setting goals and chasing those goals, make sure it is relevant to you and your life.

Here are a few things you should let go of, and what you should replace them with.

THE Dream

There is a difference between chasing the “American Dream” completed with the white picket fence. But who wants that? If every house on your block was like that, it might start to remind you of something out of the Twilight Zone.

Instead of chasing a dream that everyone else wants, chase what is important to you. For many of us this is easier said than done, but look for small ways to work towards your dreams. Age and circumstance should never stop you from being the person you have always wanted to be.


Living a cushy safe life is great for some people, but pushing your boundaries and taking risks is what makes life exciting. The difference between living and thriving are the amount of passion you put into your life.

If you take a job that is below you, just for the paycheck and you stay there, you are not doing yourself a favor. Instead, apply to that job you think you may not get.

You can learn on the job and, who knows, it may be one of the most exciting careers you have ever had! Having a roof over your head is a given, but outside of that, push the boundaries of things and mix up your life some.

Material Things

There is an all too common saying that money does not buy happiness, and it rings true every day. You can get millions of dollars and buy every toy you have ever wanted, the biggest house that can be built and so on. Over time, these will lose their luster.

Instead of focusing on things, focus on the experiences. Taking a trip with your family or loved one, the time you spent on those expensive toys. Most of all, enjoy the moments that money or things were not involved. A walk with your partner, spending time with family or even playing fetch with your dog.

Approval of Others

I leave this for last because it is one of the most important things people need to drop. Not only are you hindering yourself from becoming the person you want to be, you put too much weight into the thoughts of others who have not listened to your ideas or lived your experiences.

So many people regret never being able to chase the profession they have dreamed of, other are even prevented from entering college. Those who are in your life, and you feel are holding you back, take the leap and try it for yourself.

Chasing your dreams is something grand and noble to do, but be sure you are pursuing your dreams and not someone else’s.

In this world, the possibilities are endless. Why tie yourself down to just a single path? Explore this world and enjoy your life! No matter your age or circumstance, it is never too late to go after what truly matters to you.

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