The power of the third eye opening is something that everyone can really learn and feel.

It gives you access to deeper knowledge. Today, there is a collective awakening that changes the limiting conditions of humanity. Unfortunately, the pineal gland is also prone to calcification due to processed foods and fluoride in water. However, this does not prevent the third eye opening and your pineal gland may still be sending signals from time to time.

It’s time to understand if the signs you’ve noticed lately are related to the awakening of your third eye.

Here are the signs to look out for:

#1. You begin to think more deeply about what is to come.

Your old perception of things seems superficial and you realize that what you see is only a fraction of what really exists. As a result, you begin to increase your frequency and your state of consciousness begins to change.

#2. With the third eye opening, you can see the colors and the light of the day in a very different way.

All the senses are changed. Colors can be seen clearer. You can smell strange smells. You can also feel or hear things that “should not really exist”. This almost psychotic experience applies to anyone who accidentally experiences the third eye opening.

#3. If you experience the third eye opening, you may feel a headache.

This is a pressure on your temples. It’s also a sign that your pineal gland is developing energetically, so it’s starting to channel your kundalini energy even more.

#4. Reality does not seem to be that real anymore with the third eye opening.

If the third eye accidentally opens, you may feel disconnected from the real world. You can have this strange feeling as if you live in a dream; as if everything was a lie and nothing else is important.

#5. With your third eye opening, you experience a large number of synchronizations and mirror numbers.

Once your third eye is open, you move into a higher state of consciousness. You will understand there are no coincidences and you begin to notice all the synchronicities that have occurred around you.

#6. Your third eye opening gives you the ability to literally see the unity of all things.

With your third eye opening, you have access to higher states of consciousness and, consequently, to other dimensions. There is no separation between you and the others, between the observer and the observed, the individual and the collective, the creator and the creation.

#7. You are increasingly asking about the purpose of your life with the third eye opening.

As your third eye awakens, you may feel more distinct, such as the negative energy of your job, relationship, possibly, the true intentions of some of your friends and even family members. It’s a pretty normal transitional period of your awakening.

#8. You know more about what you eat with the third eye opening.

With your third eye opening, your sensitivity to toxicity increases and you now know that even foods are just energy and information. So you’re only looking for food that really nourishes you.

#9. Another sign that your third eye is opening is when you have incredible and clear dreams.

The kind of dreams you never forget, because you feel that you can control them, and you can recognize your true infinite self. These dreams are extremely vivid and you will see them as a world of augmented reality.

#10. Clairaudience is an extrasensory ability that you could develop with your third eye opening.

You hear inaudible frequencies and hear the words that people never speak because you can tune in and experience those special frequencies. This special ability is called clairaudience.

You can experience the third eye opening with these tips.

Practice meditation.

Instead of trying to control your thoughts and attitudes during the practice of meditation (like most people), just try to observe what your body and mind are doing.

Exercise and drink plenty of water.

That is pretty great! Drinking water also helps eliminate toxins from your body and hydrate your brain.

Avoid fluoridated water and even toothpaste.

Studies have shown that fluoride, the chemical in drinking water and toothpaste, is responsible for the calcification of the pineal gland.

Get out of your comfort zone and explore alternative ideas out there.

Closed third eyes thrive in narrow-mindedness. One of the best ways to open your mind is to always remain intellectually curious.

Restrict and cut processed foods as completely as possible.

You’re going to benefit from a significant reduction in the consumption of animal meat due to the hormones it contains. If you’d like to stick to eating meat, ensure that it’s as organic as possible.

Drink herbs to cleanse the third eye and then experience the third eye opening.

Herbs are an effective tool to help you recalibrate your very own third eye. Try the herbal teas that contain Gotu Kola.

Third eye opening with mindfulness!

The best way to anchor yourself in the present moment is an exercise known as mindfulness.

Flood your body with antioxidants.

Antioxidants detoxify and strengthen your body, which is ideal for learning to open your third eye.

Explore your basic beliefs.

Fundamental beliefs keep folks trapped in limited ways of thinking that keep the third eye closed. Learn to truly explore and solidify your basic beliefs.

Eat whole foods, vegetables, and fruits.

Your diet is important because it directly affects your hormones, energy and, therefore, feelings and thoughts.

With your third eye opening, you can capture thoughts that are not yours. You become an intuitive thinker. You have the ability to feel what people are thinking around you. This is a sign that you have activated your pineal gland.



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  1. Abdur-rahman

    wow that is amazing. i kept seeing recurring numbers. mirror numbers after i understood synchronicity and the concept of quantum physics. and believed everything is systematic and nothing ever is a coincidence. as if our lives are 3D movies. i lucid dreamed about 3 times i remember.
    i also understood that everything is connected and we are waves when no one is looking. makes sense for “the secret” and “law of attraction” now.
    everyone is working and living day by another. being busy in mundane things when i’m questioning and feeling sad that everything is nothing REALLY. and in that moment nothing has meaning and what is existence and what if i didn’t exist at all.
    these i’m looking for my passion actively although i know it i’m not able to work on it because it doesn’t make money

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