6. The Matrix (1999)

matrix sci-fi movies

One of the cult sci-fi movies, The Matrix, redefined the genre and became the inspiration for so many people because of its jaw-dropping visual effects, soundtrack and, most of all, its mind-blowing story. A definitive must see a flick about awakening from a world of illusion and deceit and realization that anything is possible.

Most of all, the Matrix is highly regarded for its deep philosophical premise. The apparent story shows us a war between machines and men. We follow Neo, a hacker who is investigating another group of hackers and eventually his curiosity leads him to uncover a great scheme of things and a true nature of reality of his world.

7. Blade Runner (1982)

blade runner sci-fi movies

This cult classic is set in a cold, dark and hostile Los Angeles in a not so distant future of the year 2019. The megacorporation Tyrell is creating replicants (humanoid androids) with the only purpose of doing hard labor for humans in the distant Earth colonies.

The replicants are physically stronger than humans and also have a false consciousness about their human origin, as well as the ability to develop their own emotions.

However, in order to ensure from the eventual consequences of replicants emotional growth, the Tyrell corporation made them with a lifespan of only 4 years. The plot thickens when a 6 member group of a new Nexus 6 model of replicants escapes from the distant colonies and leaves a trail of bodies in its wake.

A “Blade Runner” gets a task of tracking them down and destroying them before they can do more damage on Earth. As he tracks the replicants down he will question the very essence of what defines and makes him a human being.

8. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

2001 A Space Odyssey sci-fi movies

A true masterpiece and one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. A must-see movie for all sci-fi fans worldwide. 4 million years before Christ, apes on Earth discover a strange black monolith and soon one of the apes takes a bone and uses it as a tool and as a weapon. The evolution of man begins. 2000 years after Christ scientists find another monolith in the Clavius crater on the Moon.

The monolith is beaming unusual radio waves towards Jupiter. In 2001, spaceship Discovery is sent to follow the signal and reveal its source.

The 5-man crew is being supervised by an onboard computer H.A.L. 9000. HAL is an ultra-computer that can reproduce and do most of the human brain functions faster and with more sophistication. Soon the crew starts to doubt HAL’s intentions towards them during the mission.

9. Gattaca (1997)

gattaca sci-fi movies

A movie about daring to dream, facing fears and achieving success despite the obstacles and odds working against you. A truly inspiring movie about how to overcome personal limits by sheer strength of willpower and hard work. Based in a dystopian future where children are genetically modified before birth to be healthy, smart and better in every way than the unmodified ones.

Challenged with his inferiority an ambitious young man takes the identity of a successful athlete in order to fulfill his dream of space travel. A movie filled with amazing and inspiring words of how we can succeed against all odds and limits imposed upon us.

There are sci-fi movies I did not include in this article and I hope that you could point them out for the rest of our readers. Feel free to discuss and recommend your favorite sci-fi movies in the comment section below. In that way, we will fill in the blanks in our must-see sci-fi favorites list.

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