Here is a list of some of the most influential and thought-provoking sci-fi movies of all times.

They will certainly rock your world and make you question your way of thinking and believing in what is possible. These sci-fi movies had a great impact on me the first time I watched them and, to be honest, I’ve re-watched them several times in a state of awe.

They will surely have the same effect on you too and influence you to develop a different perspective on the way you observe life and the very foundations of reality.

1. Alien (1979)

alien sci-fi movies

A space freighter ship “Nostromo” is coming back to Earth packed with 20 million metric tons of mineral ore. Its 7-member crew wakes from deep sleep to find a distress signal from a nearby planet and to respond to it.

We follow them as they land and investigate the surface of the planet only to find a derelict alien vessel carrying something that will endanger both their mission and themselves. Not only are their lives at stake but now the whole Earth is in danger from the unknown cargo they brought back with them onboard from the alien ship.

2. A Clockwork Orange (1971)

A clockwork Orange dystopian films

Dystopian future portrayed in a most disturbing Kubrick directed manner.

We follow young gang members from one violent incident to another in a not too distant future set in Great Britain. We observe the gang leader Alex as he redeems his violent excesses by participating in an experimental police program that will change his very essence and decisions.

A sort of a satire, this movie points out to moral implication of authorities to interfere and change the lives of individuals in order to adapt them to general rules and reinstate them into society as functional citizens – against their will.

3. Solaris (1972)

solaris sci-fi movies

A thought-provoking masterpiece from the director Andrei Tarkovsky will pull you in and leave you in a state of wonder long after the movie finishes. We follow a psychologist who is sent to investigate a space station crew gone mad.

The station is orbiting a planet that is showing strange activity that is affecting the crew in the most disturbing way. As he tries to find out the cause of insanity he gradually starts to question the circumstances and disturbing occurrences that affect both the crew and him as the time goes on.

4. Inception (2010)

inception sci-fi movies

An amazing sci-fi thriller about a thief who is breaking into the most hidden places – people’s dreams.

Our main character makes a living by stealing valuable secrets from the depths of his victims’ subconsciousness during sleep. His skills made him a high profile player in the world of corporate espionage yet also made him an international fugitive who lost all that is dear to him.

He is offered a way out, a redemption, by completing this last job that would erase all the wrongs from the past. The knack is that he and his team have to place something in their victim’s mind instead of stealing.

5. The Road Warrior (1981)

the road warrior sci-fi movies

In a post-apocalyptic world where the only precious commodity is gasoline, there is no state of society as we know it.

In the desert lands of Australia, the only law that is on power is the law of the strongest. We join a lone drifter Max who joins a small outpost rich with precious fuel but besieged and outnumbered by bandits.

They offer Max full tanks of fuel for a way out of the barricade. A desperate man with nothing to lose will risk to sacrifice himself in order to save many from a certain death from the bloodthirsty car gang lurking outside of the outpost walls.

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